Neve Campbell apparently still "loves" Scream 6 despite leaving the series

The long-time face of the slasher horror franchise refused to star in the latest installment following a salary dispute.

Neve Campbell confirmed last year that she won't join Scream 6 due to a disagreement over her compensation. But, while Campbell is no longer the face of the Scream franchise, one of his long-time co-stars claims that Campbell is still rooting for it.

Melissa Barrera's Sam Carpenter appears to have stolen the show in Scream 6.

Skeet Ulrich, once again, returns as Billy Loomis to haunt the mind of his daughter, Melissa Barrera's Sam Carpenter. So, naturally, Ulrich was at the film's red carpet event, where he shared a nice tidbit about his former co-star.

Here's what Ulrich revealed to People about Campbell:

We were together over the weekend at a convention. She loves it; she loves what we've done. There were just business things as a businesswoman that are important to her, and we all stand behind her.

She's the final girl, no doubt, but yeah, I think she misses it, all of it and everything. This is new to me — I did [the original Scream] and then a big jump, we didn't have this kind of thing obviously because of the pandemic for [last year's fifth Scream], so this is like years and years' of growth. So I think she has more to miss. To me, it's new and exciting.

Because of Campbell's departure, Courteney Cox, who plays Gale Weathers, is now the only actress to appear in all six of the Scream films. Previously, Campbell shared the distinction with Weathers and David Arquette, the actor who'd portrayed Dewey Riley.

After the Woodsboro murders from Scream 5 brought Sidney back into the foray, Scream 6 finally gave the perpetual final girl a "happy ending". Weathers, her best friend, says that Sidney moved somewhere else to be with her family and stay away from everything related to Ghostface.

Suffice it to say, Sidney made an excellent in-universe choice.

Wouldn't it be amazing if Neve Campbell returned in a future Scream film and turn out to be a new Ghostface?

After Jenna Ortega teased that Scream 6 is going to be the bloodiest entry in the series yet, the reviews appear to agree.

Now, after premiering on Friday, March 10, Scream 6 is on track to either be the best-reviewed entry in the franchise or a series-best opening weekend at the global box office, if not both. Paramount Pictures is likely the greenlight a seventh film in the coming weeks, much to the delight of the film's director.

It feels bittersweet though that future Scream installments will likely feature fewer of the OG stars, albeit Paramount has found success in bringing back former stars in small doses.

For example, Scream 6 saw the return of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed from Scream 4. Several more characters from older Scream movies that are still technically alive could be in line with a new appearance.

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