Finally, Netflix is working on Season 6 of Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker's nightmare fuel megahit series is coming back after going on hiatus.

It's been three years since we last saw a new season of Black Mirror hit Netflix. Since then, the streaming platform hasn't talked much about one of its most popular and binge-worthy shows - until now.

Black Mirror is a thought-provoking anthology series that deserves to go on forever.

Variety reports that Netflix has started filling out the cast for the show's still-unconfirmed sixth season.

The same report adds how Netflix is giving the series creator, Charlie Brooker, free reign to deliver on a more ambitious outing, describing each installment as "an individual film" that is "even more cinematic in scope."

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It's insane to think that Black Mirror did not actually start out on Netflix. Brooker and his producing partner, Annabel Jones, initially worked on the first two seasons of the anthology show for the British network, Channel 4, in 2011 and 2013, as well as for the 2014 special, White Christmas. The duo would later jump ship to the world's leading streaming platform starting in 2015 and they haven't looked back since.

Brooker, in particular, has continued working with Netflix outside of Black Mirror. Brooker is the brain behind 2020's Death to 2020 and this year's Cat Burglar, which is an interactive animated film that pays homage to iconic animator, Tex Avery.

If we assume that the report about Brooker's lofty plans for Season 6 of Black Mirror is true, then count us in.

While the majority of Black Mirror episodes have enjoyed runtimes below 75 minutes, the two that have been are widely revered; 2018's Bandersnatch won numerous awards and many have fond memories of 2016's Hated In The Nation.

Netflix is wise to give Brooker all the time and freedom he needs for Black Mirror's sixth season.

Only time will tell if the next set of Black Mirror episodes will go longer than two hours, but if they do, then it's understandable why it's taken Netflix so long to do a sixth season. Regardless of what the plan is, Brooker has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. Every new season of Black Mirror has been an event in and of itself, so its return should not be any different.

In other news, Netflix might introduce an ad-supported plan later this year. The change of heart comes on the heels of the streaming platform bleeding subscribers. Also, Netflix just opened the door for employees to leave if they are offended by any content found in its library.

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