Netflix confirms gaming expansion, will start with mobile games

Netflix's mobile games will reportedly be available to Netflix subscribers at no added cost.

Netflix's move into gaming is as unsurprising as it was inevitable. After dabbling with interactive TV shows and that one Stranger Things mobile game, it was only a matter of time before Netflix stopped testing the waters and dived headfirst into the video game industry.

Netflix's gaming adventure is now officially in full swing.

Now, we have confirmation that Netflix is making moves to realize its gaming ambitions, starting with mobile games.

What kind of mobile games should we expect from Netflix?

One of Netflix's first non-TV and film media was a video game based on Stranger Things.

Netflix's usual slate of shows has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, as has the rest of the movie industry. However, now that things are starting to normalize once again, Netflix appears confident enough to try other ventures. In particular, video games.

Netflix has now confirmed the rumors that have been swirling since we initially reported them, albeit indirectly via its Q2 2021 earnings report.

According to Netflix, its foray into the video game industry will focus on mobile as it looks to expand on previous projects like Black Mirror Bandersnatch. But, that's not all. The best part about the initiative is that Netflix is making these upcoming games available to all subscribers at no additional cost, and that it intends for the production to keep pace with its upcoming films and TV shows.

Considering that Netflix has a busy slate of upcoming TV shows and films based on video games, among other things, this is no small task.

As for what kind of games we can expect from Netflix, we have no idea at the moment. Netflix was careful not to leave any clues about its plans for video games on its streaming platform. At the very least, we did receive confirmation about its next move, which is a big deal, all things considered.

What's next for Netflix?

It will be interesting to see what kind of video game Netflix's first set of mobile games will take on.

Netflix currently has its hands full trying to keep up with its competition. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ continue to beef up their offerings with the likes of The Boys and Loki, which begs the question why it's exploring video games at this very crucial moment. Then again, it might just be the best time to do it.

With a rumored Sony PlayStation partnership and the rest of the world now starting to come out of their houses after binging shows like Tiger King, it might be a good idea to find ways to bring more audiences back into its platform.

Because Netflix already has an extensive library at its disposal with more coming, an expansion into video games makes sense. Let's just hope that it can maintain the quality of its video game offerings to be equal if not better than the TV shows and films that it currently has available.

Ray Ampoloquio
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