Netflix unveils voice cast and trailer for its animated series Dragon Age: Absolution

Streaming giant Netflix has revealed the voice cast, plot, crew, and release date for its video game-based animated series Dragon Age: Absolution.

Netflix has finally unveiled the voice characters of its forthcoming animated series Dragon Age: Absolution, which is based on BioWare’s acclaimed video game franchise. Netflix also released a trailer and announced the series’s release date.

Dragon Age
Dragon Age: Absolution is based on BioWare's popular game franchise.

Netflix originally announced the series earlier in the year, after which it released a teaser trailer. Since then, the company did not release any additional information. However, that has now changed with its latest update which includes the show’s plot, release date, and trailer, alongside the previously mentioned voice characters.

Netflix has a track record for releasing awesome video game adaptations in different forms whether it is live-action, animation, feature films, or television series like Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunner, The Witcher, Tekken: Bloodline, Pokemon, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Cuphead, and Castlevania.

Given the company’s track record, fans are enthusiastic about Dragon Age: Absolution.

Dragon Age: Absolution is an animated adaptation of the fantasy role-playing game series, Dragon Age. It centers on Miriam, a slave-turned-elven mercenary. Miriam is often closed-off to everyone, although her heroic nature often gets through when it needs to. Now, her mercenary group’s dangerous heist against one of Tevinter’s most powerful mages fails and Miriam must fight for herself and her group. However, she needs to confront her tragic past before anything else.

Dragon Age
Dragon Age: Absolution will be available on Netflix from December 9.

The series’s cast members include Kimberly Brooks, Matthew Mercer, Ashly Burch, Sumalee Montano, Phil Lamarr, Keston John, John Keaton, and Zehra Fazal. They voice the characters Miriam, Fairbanks, Qwydion, Hira, Roland, Lacklon, Rezaren, and Tassia respectively.

Dragon Age: Absolution will have six 30-minute episodes, all of which will premiere at once as is Netflix culture. The show is produced by Red Dog Culture House, the Korean animation studio in charge of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, and directed by Ki-Yong Bae. Tim Sheridan, Mae Catt, and Mairghread Scott co-wrote the show’s script, and Chris Bain, John Epler, and Matthew Goldman serve as executive producers.

Speaking of BioWare, the storied studio is currently developing the next title in the Dragon Age franchise, titled Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. It will be the fourth installment in the popular game franchise, following Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It also released a teaser for the next Mass Effect game to celebrate this year's N7 Day.

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