Netflix is set to release an interactive WWE horror movie this October

Escape the Undertaker is an interactive horror movie starring WWE superstar, The Undertaker.

Back in 2019, Netflix and WWE struck a deal for WWE studios to produce family-friendly movies for the streaming platform. In 2021, we're going to see yet another project come to fruition because of that partnership. However, unlike previous offerings, the next WWE film to premiere on Netflix will be more horrifying as it features the legendary Undertaker along with The New Day.

The Undertaker is the first WWE superstar to have his own interactive movie on Netflix.

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Help The New Day survive in Escape the Undertaker

Your choices determine whether The New Day will live to see another day or not.

Halloween is just right around the corner. Thus, it makes sense for Netflix and WWE to release an interactive horror movie featuring none other than Mark William Callaway. The WWE legend is more commonly known by his stage name, The Undertaker. In addition to Callaway, the aptly titled interactive horror movie, Escape the Undertaker, will also feature the three members of The New Day act.

Escape the Undertaker will see audiences help out Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston, as the trio try and navigate their way through the "extreme haunted house, packed to the brim with supernatural challenges."

Escape the Undertaker will be the latest WWE project to hit Netflix since the two started working together. Other WWE-related projects that are available on Netflix include The Big Show Show, a sitcom starring the eponymous wrestler, The Big Show. There's also The Main Event, which revolves around a kid who finds a magical mask that enables him to perform like a legendary wrestler.

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Perhaps more importantly, this upcoming interactive horror movie is yet another step forward towards the streaming platform's attempt to diversify its library.

Earlier this year, Netflix finally dove into the world of gaming. At the moment, Netflix is testing its video game streaming service in Poland.  Although interactive movies aren't exactly video games, the two are quite close. Not to mention, Escape the Undertaker could become a huge hit on Netflix. If that happens, who's to say that the streaming platform won't try and recreate the same experience in a video game?

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