Netflix drops new teaser and photos as it reveals You Season 3 premiere date

You Season 3 on Netflix picks up immediately where Season 2 left off as it sees Joe Goldberg navigate life as a father.

Netflix has good news for fans of the psychological thriller series, You. After confirming that a third all-original season was coming in January 2020 following its acquisition of the show in December 2019, Netflix has finally confirmed that You Season 3 will drop on October 15, 2021, while also revealing other important details.

Unlike the first two seasons, Season 3 of You is going to tell an original story that wasn't adopted from the source material.

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What's going to happen in You Season 3?

Care to guess why that familiar glass cage is there again?

For those that don't know, You is an adaptation of Caroline Kepnes' novel series of the same name. So far, Kepnes has penned three books as part of the series, with a fourth one in the works. However, unlike the first two seasons, which were based on the books, the upcoming season of You will take a completely new direction.

After Season 2 of You ended with Joe Goldberg moving into the suburbs with a pregnant Love Quinn, Season 3 will explore Joe's new life as a father and husband. Netflix's initial reveal trailer did not share any footage from Season 3, but it did show the gender of Joe and Love's child, as well as what they named the newborn baby.

A few hours later, Netflix went ahead and uploaded a couple of photos from You Season 3. It appears that Joe and Love's world is going to revolve around an entirely different set of people as we see them interacting with new faces.

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You was initially just a two-season show that premiered on Lifetime back in September 2018. Although it was a commercial success on Lifetime, the series didn't gain worldwide recognition until it aired on Netflix in December of the same year. By the time that the second season of You had premiered in December 2019, Netflix had already acquired the rights to You as it became a Netflix Original series.

With the third season of You set to release soon, we wouldn't be surprised if Netflix ends up announcing that a fourth season is coming within the next couple of months.

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