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Netflix renews controversial Monster anthology for two more seasons

Netflix is doubling down on Ryan Murphy's Monster series as well as The Watcher, both of which were quite controversial.

Netflix Renews Monster Two More Seasons
Renewing Monster and The Watcher all but guarantees that Ryan Murphy's deal with Netflix will go on for a few more years.

Perhaps we've become so accustomed to Netflix canceling shows that it comes as a surprise when the streaming giant actually renews something for a season or two more.

According to Netflix, it has ordered more seasons of The Watcher and Monster. The former is a series by Ryan Murphy that centers around a family dealing with obsessed neighbors. On the other hand, the latter is one of the streamer's biggest hits to date.

The first season of the controversial soon-to-be serial killer anthology dramatized Jeffrey Dahmer's decade-long killing spree and what ultimately led to his capture as well as death. The Watcher will come back for one more season while Monster will return for two more seasons, which are presumed to delve into the lives of different serial killers.

Netflix's head of global TV, Bela Bajari, noted the success of Dahmer and hoped both shows will enjoy the same level of success going forward.

Netflix Renews Monster Two More Seasons
The Watcher has generated plenty of discussions online from families suffering from similar predicaments.

Before The Watcher and Monster, Murphy's time with Netflix wasn't quite as fruitful. Netflix inked Murphy to a massive $300 million deal that will last through 2023 in 2018 based on his success with American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Feud, and 911. Murphy's deal with Netflix yielded little-watched projects like Hollywood, The Politician, Ratchet, and Halston. This fueled speculation that Murphy might return to Disney. But, by securing the future of The Watcher and Monster, Netflix guaranteed Murphy remain with the streaming giant for several more years.

It's unclear which polarizing figures future seasons of Monster will focus on, but we likely won't have to wait for too long to find out.

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