Netflix renews Cobra Kai for fifth season ahead of Season 4's premiere

Cobra Kai's fourth season hasn't premiered yet, but Netflix has already gone ahead and greenlit a fifth.

Netflix is a daredevil when it comes to its investments. The streaming giant isn't afraid to pour money into relatively unknown franchises and snatch up other properties that have the potential to do well. Case in point, YouTube's Cobra Kai.

Netflix Renews Cobra Kai For Fifth Season
Kreese's Cobra Kai will have to withstand the combined might of Daniel and Johnny's students in Season 4.

Netflix acquired the rights to the nostalgia-filled TV show ahead of its season 3 premiere. Since then, it has become one of Netflix's most popular TV shows. Now, Netflix has confirmed that Cobra Kai is coming back for a fifth season ahead of its season 4 premiere in December.

Fifth season renewal is a huge boost to the Season 4 premiere

Netflix Renews Cobra Kai For Fifth Season
Robby's actor is hinting at the character's dark turn for season 5.

1984's Karate Kid is an iconic and influential film. The sleeper hit ended up spawning three sequels and a reboot in 2010. Unfortunately, none of the subsequent media was able to match the heights of the original film. At least, not until Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai's first two seasons were exclusive to YouTube Red after its launch in 2018. A follow-up to the original Karate Kid trilogy, the original film's protagonist, Daniel LaRusso, who is played by Ralph Macchio, is featured prominently in the series. However, much of the story revolves mainly around his former rival, Johnny Lawrence, who is played by William Zabka.

In an ironic twist of fate, it is now Johnny who is living a hard life many decades later. On the other hand, Daniel is a successful businessman who owns a chain of auto dealerships.

With a fifth season now in the bag, fans can definitely look forward to seeing more of the TV show, which ended with a bit of a cliffhanger back in season 3. Johnny and Daniel had set their differences aside to join forces against John Kreese, who is portrayed by Martin Kove. Kreese's return in season 2 (and the later parts of season 1) caused tension between him and his former student, Johnny. The two possessed clashing teachings and ideologies about what Cobra Kai should be.

With Kreese now having fully taken over the Cobra Kai dojo and Johnny's son, Robby Keene, who is played by Tanner Buchanan, teased to be turning heel in season 4, the former rivals will band together to prepare their students for the upcoming All Valley Karate Tournament.

Netflix Renews Cobra Kai For Fifth Season
The return of Terry Silver makes the fourth season of Cobra Kai even more of a must-watch.

Another potential draw for Cobra Kai's upcoming fourth season is the return of Thomas Ian Griffith's Terry Silver. Kreese's war buddy is the original founder of Cobra Kai and was one of the antagonists in Karate Kid III. His return in season 4 after Kreese came calling to ask him for help suggests that the stakes have never been higher.

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to confirm when exactly in December Cobra Kai's fourth season will premiere. Our guess is that at Netflix will choose a late December spot if only so that Cobra Kai doesn't have to contend with The Witcher season 2, part 2 of the final season of Money Heist, and the original film, Don't Look Up, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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