Netflix has not renewed Squid Game for a second season yet

The confusion between whether a follow-up season to Netflix's hit series is confirmed or not is reportedly due to a mistranslation.

Netflix's Squid Game is easily one of the biggest surprise hits on the streaming platform. While the series saw the streaming giant put in a tremendous amount of marketing effort before its arrival, no one could have anticipated Squid Game to set a new record and become the biggest launch on Netflix of all time. Due to its popularity, most audiences believed that a second season was pretty much guaranteed already.

It appears that Associated Press' translation of an earlier interview with Squid Game's director was off by just a few words.

Despite initial reports confirming that Netflix had already greenlit Squid Game's second season, it appears that this isn't the case just yet.

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When is Netflix going to renew Squid Game for a second season?

We're definitely curious as to why Netflix hasn't confirmed Squid Game Season 2 yet.

Squid Game's director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, explained in a Vulture interview that the confusion resulted from a mistranslated Associated Press interview. The director pointed out how the news agency mistranslated his words in the subtitles, changing what he said from "I think there will indeed be a Season 2" to "I will say there will indeed be a second season."

An unnamed spokesperson from Netflix also corroborated Dong-hyuk's claims, saying that Netflix's second season is still "in discussions".

Going back to Dong-hyuk, the director shared how he felt the tremendous pressure of putting together a new script. He adds that the series had grown bigger than he'd expected and that he's now choosing between working on a new Squid Game season or a different movie that he'd already planned to shoot once he finished working on Squid Game. Meanwhile, when asked why he thought Squid Game was so popular, Dong-Hyuk explained that the show's themes of modern capitalism and economic inequality must have played a key role.

Dong-Hyuk's sentiments are certainly understandable. No one could have ever predicted how big Squid Game would become. Whereas the first season of Squid Game came with little expectations and a relatively small budget, the highly anticipated second season would have a target on its back. Audiences will demand nothing less than perfection, putting pressure on Netflix to put in more money to ensure its success.

If it's any consolation, Dong-Hyuk already has ideas for Season 2, so if and when it is confirmed, all he's got to do is to execute it properly.

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