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Netflix has released a new Sonic Prime trailer

The Sonic Prime animated series is scheduled to come out on December 15, just in time for the holiday season.

Sonic Prime Trailer

This week, Netflix released the first full trailer of the upcoming animated series, Sonic Prime, which is set to premiere on December 15, 2022.

The series, which is based on the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog, will consist of eight episodes in the first season. It will see Sonic go into overdrive when a run-in with Doctor Eggman results in a literal universe-shattering event, and as he races through the Shatter-verse, he will discover strange worlds and enlist new friends in the epic adventure of a lifetime.

Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy Rose, and Big the Cat are all expected to make an appearance in Sonic Prime.

Sonic Dr Eggman
Sonic will face the mad scientist, Doctor Eggman, once again.

The show, which was announced in February 2021, will be produced by Sega in conjunction with Netflix Animation and animated at WildBrain's studio. Meanwhile, Man of Action Entertainment will provide the showrunners and executive producers.

Since Sega developed the first Sonic game back in 1991, the video game series has become Sega's flagship franchise and one of the bestselling video game franchises, selling over 140 million units by 2016 and grossing over $6 billion as of 2020.

Earlier this month, Sega released its latest game, Sonic Frontiers, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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