Netflix moves up the release date of You Season 4

It looks like the streaming giant has fast-tracked Joe Goldberg's trip to London by one day.

It looks like fans won't have to wait for as long to find out what Joe Goldberg is up to now that he's in London in search of Tati Gabrielle's Marienne.

Netflix Moves Up Release Date You Season
Netflix got a bit cheeky with its announcement that You Season 4 is coming early.

Roughly a year ago, You ended its fiery third season that saw Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg put his former flame, Victoria Pedretti's Love Quinn, to the torch as their love story peaked. With Joe Jr. now in the safe hands of Madre Linda's friendly neighborhood gay couple, Joe now travels to London where he'll try his luck with Marienne. But, from what we've seen in the initial trailer, the next season of You will introduce a bunch of new faces as Joe assumes yet another identity, Professor Jonathan Moore.

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It's still unclear if Joe has found Marienne already, but the teaser confirms his new group of socialite friends has become the target of a murder. Now, it's up to Joe to channel his inner self to find out who's been stalking them.

Netflix Moves Up Release Date You Season
It's been hinted that You Season 5 is also in the works.

Given how intriguing this is, fans will be happy to know Netflix has moved up the premiere date of You Season 4.

Instead of launching on February 10 and March 10 (season 4 will be a two-part season), the first part of Season 4 will debut on February 9 with part 2 following suit on March 9.

It's not much of an early release, but hey, after waiting for over a year after Season 3, every bit of good news counts, right?

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