Netflix iPhone app receives refreshed interface with latest update

The streaming giant rolled out an update for its iOS app featuring a refreshed interface, more fluid animations, and a generally improved user experience.

A bevy of new features is coming to the Netflix iOS app, which was made available in the App Store on January 16, Monday. With the introduction of parallax effects for moving elements, smoother animations, and big changes to the refreshed user interface, the update raises the benchmark for delivering a streaming experience.

netflix iu update
Fluidity and a polished user interface

The changes are obvious as soon as you open the updated Netflix iOS app, with large cards advertising new movies and series available on the platform, displayed on the home page.

You will notice a shifty movement of those cards, thanks to the parallax effect. This feature uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to track movement, offering the user a more immersive experience. But this is only a part of the redesigned user interface which now includes a more intuitive filter mechanism, easier engagement with other profiles and searching regardless of your position in the app.

Former Netflix UI and product designer Janum Trivedi shared his feelings about the project on Twitter alongside a brief video preview of the app’s new user interface. He was a part of the team that started working on this rehaul in 2022, stating that a more fluid and polished user interface, that is easier to use and provides a delightful experience, was his goal while leading this project.

In a follow-up tweet Trivedi listed all the changes coming with the latest Netflix app update:

  • A new billboard layout that responds as you move your device, with a subtle lighting effect on the side
  • Beautiful wallpapers that are crafted on-the-fly from the cover art from shows
  • A new smoother card transition that’s completely interactive
  • Brand new launch/profile animations and haptics

If his claims that the company is “giving some love” to the Apple TV version of its app are true, we can look forward to a similar overhaul for the tvOS version of the app in the near future.

“We recently updated the Netflix iOS app with better visuals, more responsive interactions and motion design. This latest global update includes features like a new style for promoting what to watch, thematic background on your favorite shows and movies, new profile animations and more,” is how a Netflix spokesperson described the update that went live on Monday.

But this isn't the only major project underway over at Netflix, which despite having a turbulent 2022 and an uncertain 2023, looks to keep making moves. A Vince McMahon documentary is still in the works and no amount of Netflix cancellations is going to make Neil Gaiman question his confidence in the platform's live-action adaptation of Sandman. Fans want Netflix to take over the Snyderverse despite already having some hits like Glass Onion doing numbers.

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