Netflix gaming adds three more games on iOS and Android devices

Netflix continues to grow its library of video game offerings across the globe.

Netflix's foray into gaming hasn't exactly made headlines. After making a couple of free games available to subscribers on iOS and Android devices back in November, the streaming giant is now trying to expand its library just in time for Christmas by adding three more games.

Netflix's gaming library remains thin despite the latest additions.

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What kind of games did Netflix add?

While Netflix's top-billing movies and shows like Squid Game and Red Notice continue to make the news, their video games are the exact opposite.

The initial set of games was largely forgettable even though two of them were based on their popular original series, Stranger Things. Although the incoming games are far from non-generic, they at least help add variety for the handful of users who pass the time by playing games on Netflix instead of aimlessly scrolling through its vast selection.

Netflix's latest video games are Dominos Café, Knittens, and Wonderputt Forever.

The three new Netflix games are fairly basic. Dominos Café is a classic tile game that you can play in pairs or solo. Meanwhile, Knittens is a match-3 game where you can earn outfits to dress up your kitten. Lastly, Wonderputt Forever, as the punny name suggests, is a mini-golf game with several themed courses for you to choose from.

In addition to these three, Netflix also confirmed that it plans on adding at least two more soon: Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story and Arcanium: Rise of Akhan.

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How do you play video games on Netflix?

It will take a while (and much better quality) for Netflix subscribers to start playing video games through the Netflix app.

Most subscribers probably don't know about Netflix's newly added video games. If you're one of those who've heard about it for the first time, don't worry because you're not alone. The good news is that Netflix has made it relatively easy to play video games on your Android or iOS app.

All users have to do to play Netflix games is to maintain an active Netflix subscription and select 'Games' from the app's bottom menu.

Do Netflix subscribers even play video games?

With competition like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ breathing down its neck, Netflix has decided to divest and enter the video game market. Surprisingly enough, Netflix hasn't put as much effort as you'd expect to market its video game expansion. But, at the same time, this was probably expected. The library is thin at the moment, with no single noteworthy title. Netflix is probably bidding its time either developing something more substantial or waiting to secure the rights for a real draw.

With that said, most Netflix subscribers probably don't care about its video games at the moment. This will not change until Netflix starts producing unique video game experiences.

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