Netflix confirms adding 40 free games for subscribers in 2023

Netflix will be adding 40 games to its library for subscribers to play for free, with a lot more planned and in production by 2024.

Netflix recently announced 40 games will be added to its games library, available for free to subscribers this year, and there are more Netflix games being planned and developed to be released by 2024.

Netflix will be adding 40 games to its library for subscribers to play for free, with a lot more planned and in production by 2024. (Images: Netflix)

Undeterred by the low ratio of its subscribers that are playing (with less than 1% of the total), Netflix is pushing forward with increasing its games portfolio.

When the service debuted in 2021, there were only a handful of games available, such as the Stranger Things tie-ins Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game.

As new games were released monthly, the Netflix service now boasts 55 titles, with 40 more scheduled this year and 70 in development with the streaming giant’s partners, with an additional 16 being produced by its in-house studio.

On the official Netflix website, Vice President of External Games Leanne Loombe had this to say about the current status and future plans for the company’s games division:

Our goal is to develop a broad portfolio of games — in different genres and formats — because we believe everyone can find joy in games if they discover the one (or many!) that is right for them.

This year we’re going to continue building our portfolio — and that means new games every month. Members will discover indie darlings, award-winning hits, RPGs, narrative adventures, puzzle games and everything in between, and we’re working with the world’s leading studios to bring you these games.

Loombe continued by pointing out one of their most popular games, Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game. Based on the unscripted dating show Too Hot to Handle available on Netflix, Loombe mentioned that this is one of the most played game titles on the service. Plus, there are plans to develop a follow-up later in the year with developer Nanobit.

Netflix has also offered games developed and published by Ubisoft. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home was released last January. The next Ubisoft game will arrive in April titled Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace. A Rogue-lite RPG, players should expect a traditional fantasy dungeon crawl.

In April, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace (developed in partnership with Ubisoft) will be added to the Netflix Games library.

For the month of March 2023, Netflix released Highwater and Terra Nil. Highwater is a survival/story-driven adventure that casts players in the role of survivors, left in a world that is completely flooded. Think of it as the film Waterworld, but without Kevin Costner. Meanwhile, Terra Nil is a reverse-city building game, where the goal is to revive the ecosystem by purifying the soil, cleaning the waters, and reviving forests.

Netflix Games are available for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

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