Netflix releases Enola Holmes 2 trailer

Millie Bobby Brown returns as the young and brilliant sibling of Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2 trailer.

As part of the TUDUM virtual experience, Millie Bobby Brown presented the first look at the Enola Holmes 2 trailer on Netflix.

Millie Bobby Brown returns as the young and brilliant sibling of Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2 trailer. (Images: Netflix)

The first Netflix film based on Nancy Springer’s award-winning book series The Enola Holmes Mysteries was one of 2020’s big hits for the streaming giant. Enola Holmes brought in 77 million views with a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 91%.

Will the Enola Holmes sequel be able to deliver the high expectations set by the first movie? Check out the details below.

The trailer for Enola Holmes 2 was unveiled by star Millie Bobby Brown herself during part of the TUDUM Netflix Global Event.

In the trailer for the upcoming Netflix exclusive, the viewer is brought up to speed on what Enola Holmes is up to. And apparently, it’s her being on the run from the police. Of course, the situation is more than it seems as, similar to She-Hulk and Deadpool, Enola Holmes frequently breaks the fourth wall to address the audience directly and providing commentary or exposition.

Apparently, Enola Holmes has established her very own detective agency. We then get to see her difficulties in finding worthwhile cases, due to being a female detective in a time and place where patriarchy is still prominent.

Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) returns with her own detective agency in the Victorian era.

We also get to see the return of Henry Cavill as the World’s Greatest Detective (and Enola’s elder brother), Sherlock Holmes. It seems Sherlock is in the midst of an investigation that is proving to be more than a challenge to his famous deductive skills.

Later on, a young girl approaches Enola, seeking help. We are then treated to a series of scenes that see Enola doing her best to prove she is a detective that is worthy of the Holmes name. This includes a scene at a masquerade ball and getting in trouble with the Holmes matriarch Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter) during an explosive setting. We also see the return of Lord Tewkesbury, Enola’s bumbling friend.

Soon we discover that the cases of both Enola’s and Sherlock’s intertwine, with the siblings agreeing to team up to get to the bottom of the matter. This seems to confirm that the sequel will deliver on fan requests for more screen time for Henry Cavill as Sherlock. Cavill’s popularity is increasingly high thanks to his successful second season of The Witcher and rumored return to the DC Extended Universe as Superman. Thus, giving him more scenes in Enola Holmes 2 just fuels interest from his loyal fandom.

The Enola Holmes 2 trailer promises more Henry Cavill screen time as Sherlock Holmes, as he teams up with his younger sibling.

But fret not, Millie Bobby Brown fans. The new trailer also shows off the young actress coming to her own in the role, promising that the sequel will have more action scenes and highlighting her acting range. The official Enola Holmes 2 synopsis reads:

Adventure strikes again! Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter return in Enola Holmes 2 — where a mystery of historic proportions takes 2 Holmes to handle.

Enola Holmes 2 is directed by Harry Bradbeer. Stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter. Also starring: Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, David Thewlis, Susan Wokoma & Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

Enola Holmes 2 will begin the investigations on November 4, 2022 only on Netflix. Meanwhile, fans can catch Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven on Stranger Things Season 4.

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