Netflix confirms stop-motion animated Pokemon show

The latest animated adventure for the best-selling Nintendo franchise takes place in a luxurious hotel built specifically for Pokemon

Pokemon Concierge is likely going to be the first of several upcoming new partnerships between The Pokemon Company and Netflix.

Netflix is one of the most reliable places on the internet to stream the different variants of the hit anime adaptation of Pokemon. But, as it turns out, Netflix and The Pokemon Company are taking their partnership deeper.

As announced at the recently-concluded Pokemon Presents showcase, Pokemon Concierge is an upcoming stop-motion animated series by Dwarf Studio. The France-based animation studio most recently collaborated with Netflix on My Dad The Bounty Hunter.

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Pokemon Concierge chronicles the inner workings of a Pokemon resort, with Netflix's vice president of content for the Asia-Pacific region, Minyoung Kim, describing the story as a way to "expand the Pokemon universe."

Kim reveals that the series will follow "the story of concierge Haru and the many Pokemon who visit as guests."

Pokemon Concierge is a unique piece of content in one of the most profitable media properties of all time. Unfortunately, Netflix and The Pokemon Company didn't reveal more about the series at Pokemon Presents. All we have to go on is a still of Haru and a stop-motion animation of Psyduck waddling along what we can only presume is the said resort grounds.

This isn't the first time we've heard of Pokemon Concierge. Previously, it was reported that Netflix and The Pokemon Company were working on a live-action series as part of an ongoing deal with the streaming giant. It's unclear if plans have changed since and the show has become a stop-motion animated series instead of live-action, or if a later announcement will confirm the still-unnamed live-action Pokemon show on Netflix.

Psyduck is an excellent choice for a "main" character as he's widely considered one of the most adorable critters in the Pokemon franchise.

We also learned about the new expansions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the event, as well as Pokemon Sleep.

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