Netflix drop kicks Cobra Kai season 5 trailer out of nowhere

The fifth season of Cobra Kai will be premiering much earlier than anticipated as well.

Just like Daniel LaRusso's illegal kick to Johnny Lawrence's head at the end of the very first Karate Kid movie, Netflix came out of nowhere to drop news about Cobra Kai.

Netflix Cobra Kai Season Trailer
Silver just doubled down on his bid to become one of the most bad-ass villains around these days.

Don't worry. It's not getting canceled. Instead, Cobra Kai's fifth season just got its first trailer and release date.

According to the nearly two-minute-long trailer for Cobra Kai Season 5, the latest season of Netflix's karate flick is just a few months away. After Netflix released the last two seasons of Cobra Kai during Christmas and the New Year, the next season is set to hit the streaming platform on September 9, 2022. This is at least three months sooner than expected, hinting that the sixth season will arrive in early 2023.

Perhaps this is the effect of Netflix's dwindling subscriber numbers. You can't blame Netflix for wanting people to keep on subscribing by reminding them that the platform is not all about canceling good shows like what it did with Space Force.

As this is an upcoming season of a popular Netflix show we're talking about, we'd like to remind you that spoilers are incoming.

The past four seasons have been a huge success for Netflix. Seasons 3 and 4, in particular,pulled rave reviews from critics while audiences loved its healthy mix of nostalgia while setting up the future of the franchise.

With the creators already working on Season 6, Cobra Kai fans have a lot to look forward to, but, before anything else, let's go back to the end of last season.

After betting their schools against the new Terry Silver-led Cobra Kai at the All-Valley Karate Tournament and losing, both the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate dojos will have to pack their stuff up and close for good. But, just when you thought that things could not get any worse, Silver, who has the right combination of wealth, influence, and power, wants to put up multiple dojos all over the valley.

Of course, Ralph Macchio's Daniel isn't about to take this loss lying down. As teased at the end of Season 4, LaRusso asks for the help of Yuki Okumoto's Chozen Toguchi. The former rivals have since patched things up, so we're curious how Toguchi will help. As for, William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence, the former All-Valley Karate champion takes a trip to Mexico to try and find Xolo Maridueña's Miguel. Surprisingly enough, Lawrence takes his estranged son, Tanner Buchanan's Robby, along him with for the ride.

Netflix Cobra Kai Season Trailer
This is the second time LaRusso has roped in a former rival to help him out. Hopefully, things turn out for the better this time around.

Finally, there's Martin Kove's John Kreese, who will want to get his revenge on Silver after he locked him up behind bars (if we're being honest though, Kreese had it coming).

All in all, we should expect another excellent season full of drama, suspense, and of course, butt-kicking, as soon as Cobra Kai comes back on September 9.

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