Netflix just canceled Archive 81 after one season

It appears that the horror series from Saw and The Conjuring director, James Wan, couldn't find a large enough audience despite its critical reviews.

Netflix cancels shows all the time for different reasons. Sometimes, it's budget cuts. Others, it's because the show isn't good enough. In some cases, even good shows get canceled when audiences don't watch them. Case in point, Archive 81.

Archive Canceled
Unfortunately, Archive 81 could not fulfill the potential of the supernatural horror podcast that it is based on.

According to a Deadline report, the streaming platform just canceled the supernatural sci-fi horror mystery series after one season.

Archive 81 is produced by James Wan and developed by Rebecca Sonnenshine. If these two sound familiar, it's because the former is behind classic horror films like The Conjuring and Saw while the latter is the executive producer of The Boys, Amazon Prime Video's superhero drama satire that's set to get a third season later this year. \

The show is based on the horror podcast by Daniel Powell and Marc Sollinger of the same name. The premise of Archive 81 sees an audio archivist get hired to restore a series of old and burnt-up videotapes from way back in 1994. Unfortunately, despite showing promise and landing itself briefly on Netflix's Top 10, the streaming app is canceling Archive 81.

Netflix Canceled Archive
Netflix continues to baffle audiences with its decision to cancel shows that are a success among audiences and critics.

For those who are curious to find out about how the story of Archive 81 ends, the original podcast is available for listening.

Of course, what Netflix taketh, it also giveth back. 

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