Netflix adds Squid Game avatars just as Korean drama sets new viewership record

Squid Game fans can finally start browsing Netflix's massive catalogue of titles using avatars of their favourite Squid Game characters.

Netflix might be fighting a tough battle against some of the biggest TV companies in the world as they have since launched their streaming platforms, but it remains the top dog. With hits like Squid Game, it doesn't appear like this is going to change anytime soon.

A month after its release, users can finally represent themselves on Netflix as their favorite Squid Game characters.

Netflix's investment in the South Korean entertainment industry has paid off massively in recent years, culminating in the overwhelming success of Squid Game.

The popular Korean drama series launched in September and quickly took the world by storm. Netflix confirms that over 111 million people around the world have watched it so far, making it the biggest launch series on the platform ever. Now, the Netflix original series is joining an even rarer company as the streaming platform has released unique profile icons of characters from Squid Game, that viewers can use for their in-app profiles.

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What's next for Netflix's Squid Game series?

Fans are begging Netflix to confirm that a second season of Squid Game is coming.

Netflix doesn't just release unique profile icons for every series on the platform. There are only a handful of series that have this privilege, which includes Bridgerton, the series that Squid Game displaced for the top spot, and Stranger Things, which is about to get its fourth season soon, among others.

With that said, Netflix's release of Squid Game profile icons solidifies the success of its $20 million+ investment in the series.

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If you're wondering how you can change your profile icon, it's easy. All you need to do is to sign in and go to Manage Profiles instead of logging in to your profile as normal. There, you'll find a pencil icon over the profiles on your account. If you hover to your preferred profile, you'll be taken to the settings page where you can choose the icon that you want to use as your avatar.

For Squid Game specifically, Netflix has uploaded the entire Squid Game cast to the icon list. You can even choose to use the terrifying doll from the series' first game, Red Light Green Light, as well as the masked soldiers.

It's no secret that fans are hoping that Netflix renews Squid Game for a second season. Unfortunately, it appears that this isn't going to come anytime soon. If it's any consolation, the series creator and director did share a couple of ideas that he has, if Squid Game does get a follow-up season.

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