Neil Gaiman reassures fans that The Sandman is safe amid Netflix cancellations and issues with WBD

”If there's a Netflix and nothing unforeseen and tragic happens to close the world or the show down, then there will be more Sandman” said executive producer Neil Gaiman when responding to a worried fan.

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There will be a second season of The Sandman on Netflix unless the world collapses

Fans of The Sandman can breathe easy knowing their favorite show won't be gone at the snap of a finger. Six weeks after it was announced that Netflix finally renewed the fan-favorite for a second season, worrying information started circulating.

Neil Gaiman addressed those concerns by responding to a worried Tumblr user who messaged him about the future of the show. Fans were understandably worried after Netflix recently decided to reverse its decision and cancel a few shows that were renewed.

While Gaiman acknowledged that nothing is ever certain, he tried to reassure fans that The Sandman 2 won’t meet the same fate as the animated series Inside Job. Season 2 of the acclaimed television adaptation from his comic book series will indeed be coming to the small screens unless something cataclysmic happens.

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Neil Gaiman's response to a fan on Tumblr

This certainly came close to becoming a reality given the tensions between Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery. With reports suggesting that WBD CEO David Zaslav isn’t a fan of Netflix’s payment method for production studios stretched out over the course of 18-24 months, it seemed likely that Sandman2 would be dead in its tracks. And with how long it took Netflix to green light the production of Season 2, or the extra episodes as they like to call it, it's no wonder fans are spooked.

News of the renewal wasn't made public until November of 2022, many months after Season One debuted scoring favorable reviews.

Netflix executive Peter Friedlander would later come out with a statement explaining the reasoning behind the delay. He claimed that the time was well spent, helping those involved forge a "thoughtful and intentional" approach for the sophomore release of The Sandman. Friedlander also expanded on the topic saying they were weighing their options for their publication of Sandman 2.

Its traditional binge model is still on the cards, with all options being considered. A staggered approach like the one Netflix implemented for the release of Stranger Things 4 is also a viable option. The first seven episodes of the show were released in May 2022 and its final two episodes in July 2022. Analysts claim that this format presumably yielded promising viewership figures, and it's the main reason why this format is considered for the release of the second season of The Sandman.

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