Need for Speed Unbound footage leaks online ahead of December 2 launch

The upcoming Need for Speed installment joins a long list of AAA games that's been leaked before their release this year.

Electronic Arts, Criterion Games, and Codemasters couldn't outrun leakers and prevent footage of Need for Speed Unbound from coming out online, before it were supposed to be available.

Need For Speed Unbound Footage Leaks Ahead Launch
After EA canceled its other racing sims, a lot is at stake for Need for Speed: Unbound.

In total, more than an hour of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay videos can be found on the internet. It's not one long video and is instead composed of a mix of seconds-long snippets and a couple of longer clips, with the longest lasting well over half an hour.

According to eagle-eyed fans on ResetEra, the culprits behind the leaks are Twitch streamers, Chocolove 95 and gerrykurlsucks.

Ultimately though, it's unclear where this early footage of Need for Speed Unbound came from. Early access will go live on Tuesday, November 29. It's possible it might have something to do with the internet retaliating after one of the company's social media guys insulted a fan.

Need For Speed Unbound Footage Leaks Ahead Launch
EA has spent the past couple of weeks teasing the content for Need for Speed: Unbound.

After several months of leaks and rumors, Electronic Arts officially revealed Need for Speed: Unbound in October. Since then, we've been getting more info about the upcoming Need for Speed game, both from EA and credible sources. It's the first Need for Speed game with an anime-inspired art style that mixes realistic car models and environments with a cel-shaded anime look. The game even comes with toggle-able driving effects in case you want to up the anime-ness of the game.

Speaking of leaked games, God of War: Ragnarok was one of the most recent victims. To make matters worse, Sony is having trouble shipping physical copies to gamers who claim they didn't get their copies. Yet, despite the controversies, God of War: Ragnarok is still in the running to win GOTY with Elden Ring as its main competition at The Game Awards on December 8.

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