Need For Speed Delayed by EA In favor of Battlefield 6

It's bad news and good news kind of day for fans of two of Electronic Arts' largest franchises, Need for Speed and Battlefield.

Getting Battlefield 6 shipped on time and with minimal issues seems to be the priority for Electronic Arts right now.

This is after EA confirmed that they've delayed the next Need for Speed title in favor of working on Battlefield 6.

This news is right in line with what we've heard about the next Battlefield title so far. EA has already confirmed previously that they want the next Battlefield title to take "full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms" and feature battles with more players than ever before.

Such an undertaking won't come easy. This is probably why they made the hard decision to delay the next Need for Speed title.

Criterion Lends DICE Hand for Next Battlefield Title

It'll probably be at least until 2022 or 2023 until we see the next game after 2019's Need for Speed Heat.

In their official announcement, EA confirmed that three studios will be working together on the next Battlefield title. This includes DICE, DICE L.A, and Criterion. Although, this isn't the first time this has happened. Criterion, in particular, had previously worked with DICE on titles like Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II.

EA expressed their confidence in the partnership between Criterion and DICE. They claim that this decision will help "make a great game even better."

EA's Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele also confirmed the relationship between this decision and EA's recent Codemasters acquisition. Now that the developers of the F1, Dirt, and Grid franchises are in the fold, EA seems to be more confident than ever to delay a well-known racing franchise. They know full well that they have other racing titles now lined up in place.

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The note reads that "Codemasters has several launches coming in the next year, bringing players some outstanding new racing games in our FY22".

So, racing fans need not worry. This is even after Gran Turismo 7 was delayed as well. All it means is that the next big racing game from Codemasters is already in the works.

More importantly, it also means that Criterion will have more time to develop the next Need for Speed title. It's just that we'll have to wait after they've finished working with DICE on the next Battlefield title.

Speaking of fans, Battlefield players will find this news to be very positive.

The Battlefield franchise has definitely seen better days. Its main competition, Call of Duty, is already three games strong right now, with an upcoming fourth title. This might have been what forced EA to load up their resources to make sure that Battlefield 6 launches as a complete game that won't lag behind its competition.

With that said, all we can do for now is to wait.

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