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Official Need for Speed Twitter account calls fan "milkshake brain", later apologizes

After starting an argument with the official Need for Speed Twitter account, the admin called out the user, saying that they have a "milkshake brain" and to "cry about it".

Need For Speed Account Calls Fan Milkshake Brain
Need for Speed: Unbound will be the first new Need for Speed game in 3 years.

Social media managers need to be tactful and eloquent enough to be able to tell someone to go take a hike and make them look forward to the trip. But, it appears the individual behind the official Need for Speed Twitter account has no such qualifications. Either that or they've forgotten to take their chill pill for the day.

As Need for Speed: Unbound inches closer to its release date, the account confirmed pre-ordering the Palace Edition of the upcoming racing sim will grant its owners early access on November 29 (instead of the original release date). However, one sassy fan pointed out that nobody really asked for the latest announcement tweet, saying: "Hold on - what did we ask for and what did you listen to, exactly? To pay more to get 3 days early access?"

The initial tweet triggered an argument between both parties that led to the understandably surprised fan being called "milkshake brain" and being told that "reading is fundamental."

Apparently, the higher-ups did not like this confrontation at all (duh?) as the official Need for Speed Twitter account has since deleted the tweet and subsequently issued an apology.

The interaction apparently triggered a smaller war between other fans as well. While some sided with the aggrieved party, others believed that they got what was coming to them. All in all, the consensus is that the social media team behaved poorly.

After being delayed in favor of Battlefield 2042, Need for Speed: Unbound is finally coming out. It remains to be seen if we're going to see our wishes for the next Need for Speed title come true. However, we've high hopes for it after EA put Criterion Games and Codemasters to work on it.

Need For Speed Account Calls Fan Milkshake Brain
Need for Speed: Unbound is going to the lone racing sim in EA's stable after the publisher canceled Project Cars and DIRT.

Speaking of EA, the publisher confirmed that it has signed a multi-game deal with Marvel, starting with the single-player Iron Man game. It's believed that EA Motive's Iron Man game has already started playtesting.

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