Ned actor apologizes for teasing Hobgoblin

Jacob Batalon, who plays Spider-Man's best friend Ned Leeds in the MCU, has said sorry for spreading rumors about his character.

Jacob Batalon had his breakout role in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming as Ned Leeds, the best friend of Peter Parker's Tom Holland. But, while Batalon's character was a beloved figure that became known as Parker's "man in the chair", comic book fans know that a sinister future awaits Leeds. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has deviated from its source material more than once, it's still worth keeping an eye out for potential storylines in the future.

Ned Actor Apologizes Teasing Hobgoblin
It appears that Jacob Batalon had too much fun playing with fan theories about his character's heel turn as the Hobgoblin.

For example, in the comic books, the original Hobgoblin brainwashed Ned Leeds to stand in for him on several occasions. Leeds ends up committing several crimes during his time as Hobgoblin.

Having said that, Leeds was more than happy to lean in on his MCU character becoming the Hobgoblin in the future. Fans even jumped in on this theory after the events of last year's Spider-Man: No Way Home where Parker's final wish was for everyone to forget about Peter Parker.

But while it may have seemed like Leeds was "in the know" in some interviews, it appears he wasn't.

In a recent The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appearance, Batalon apologized to MCU fans for feeding speculations about the future of Ned in the MCU. Batalon specifically points out that it was a "really stupid thing" and that he just "stupidly just continued with the story." Now that it's caught on, Leeds wants to put an end to all the speculation, saying that he is "sorry for all the misinformation."

Of course, just because Batalon is apologizing doesn't mean Marvel Studios isn't thinking about it. Keep in mind, we still don't have a release date for the next Spider-Man film. It's possible that we might not get a solo outing for Holland's web-slinger until after the end of The Multiverse Saga. If this happens, Peter Parker could very well have finished college the next that he gets a solo adventure. Who knows? The MCU could twist Ned's storyline and have Venom bond with him instead of Eddie Brock. Now, wouldn't that be something?

Ned Actor Apologizes Teasing Hobgoblin
After his stint with the MCU, Batalon will star in Syfy's dramedy series, Reginald the Vampire.

At the end of the day, only Marvel Studios knows what's up. But, it's highly likely Batalon is going to come back as Ned in the MCU as he is a fan favorite (and so is his lola).

Speaking of Holland, Sony nor Marvel still hasn't confirmed if Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. A recent report claims that Holland still hasn't signed on for a fourth film. However, Holland isn't likely out of Sony's sights at all. Sony all but confirmed that an Uncharted sequel is coming following the commercial success of Holland's debut as Nathan Drake earlier this year.

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