Naughty Dog is working on an unannounced remake

The information comes from the LinkedIn profile of someone who works over at Naughty Dog.

We might have just gotten our hands on the biggest piece of evidence that proves that The Last of Us Remake and The Last of Us 2 multiplayer exist.

Others are suggesting that Naughty Dog is also working on a director's cut of The Last of Us Part II.

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The LinkedIn profile of a Naughty Dog employee currently lists two interesting projects at the first-party PlayStation studio: an unannounced remake and an unannounced multiplayer project. To be more specific, quality assurance tester, Corey Hong, lists among his current Naughty Dog duties as "QA testing and development support + Level Point of Contact for unannounced remake project" and "QA testing and development support on environment design for unannounced multiplayer project."

If that's not proof enough, then we don't know what is.

The original The Last of Us still holds up pretty well, but a PS5-exclusive remake definitely sounds like a dream come true.

Around this time last year, Bloomberg reported that Naughty Dog was working on a PS5 remake of 2013's The Last of Us. The same report states that Bend Studio, the makers of Days Gone, was originally set to help out with a still-unconfirmed multiplayer game. Since then, multiple intel and leaks from various sources have emerged hinting that both of these projects exist in some capacity.

Most recently, there were some tweets from a developer over at Sony's Visual Arts Service Group claiming that Sony has "bangers" planned for a reveal or release later this year.

With 10 million units sold on the PS4 alone, The Last of Us is one of the best-selling games of its generation, and most certainly, one of the most influential titles of all time. The 2013 title had an online player mode, Factions, that ran successfully for years before Sony took down the servers. The 2020 sequel had no such component, which led to the still-ongoing witch hunt for the "missing" multiplayer mode for Part II.

It might be wishful thinking, but we're hoping that Sony brings any of these The Last of Us projects to the PC platform in the future.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Sony and Naughty Dog. Until we receive an actual confirmation, we'll just have to make do with Neil Druckmann teasing The Last of Us Remake, among other things.

If it's any consolation, filming of HBO's The Last of Us live-action adaptation is doing well, as per Pedro Pascal's latest update. We wouldn't be surprised if Sony and Naughty Dog are sitting on an official announcement for The Last of Us Remake and the multiplayer mode for Part II until HBO and Druckmann are ready to reveal more of the show.

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