Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us Part 3

A reputable source suggests that the studio has started working on the third installment of the video game series.

The Last Of Us Part 1 Goes Gold Ahead Of September Launch

Based on the games' performance, we know that Naughty Dog will eventually have to pick up where we left off to continue the story of Ellie and perhaps Abby and Lev. The way Part II ended, it's only a matter of time before The Last of Us Part III happens.

With that said, we now have some new information regarding the third mainline title in the series. A reputable source has suggested that Naughty Dog is already working on The Last of Us Part III.

Twitter user ViewerAnon shared claims Part III is currently in production at Naughty Dog. "Well, I'm not watching anything, so... Dr. Uckmann's next game is THE LAST OF US PART III which is currently in production at Naughty Dog," the user tweets.

"Dr. Uckmann" refers to The Last of Us game director Neil Druckmann. Doctor Uckmann is a trading card that can be found in The Last of Us Part II as an easter egg.

ViewerAnon previously leaked the details of the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us that have been proven true. The user correctly predicted actor Ashley Johnson will be playing Anna in the live-action adaptation. ViewerAnon also recently shared information Naughty Dog isn't working on the upcoming Uncharted reboot.

The revelation isn't all that surprising as we've known for some time that the plot and story for the third installment have already been completed. Last year, Druckmann revealed that the story outline exists during a guest appearance on the Script Apart Podcast.

With two years worth of materials, HBO's The Last of Us could go on for a very long time.

"I don't know how much I want to reveal," Druckmann during the podcast. "[Co-writer Halley Gross] and I did write an outline for a story, that we're not making - but I hope one day can see the light of day - that explores a little bit what happens after this game. We'll see."

Naughty Dog is also actively working on a multiplayer spin-off for The Last of Us. The upcoming multiplayer game expands on the Factions game mode from the original game. During the Summer Game Fest, Druckmann unveiled a new concept art for the upcoming multiplayer game.

It's our understanding that the multiplayer spin-off will arrive before The Last of Us Part III. If the rumors are true that Naughty Dog already started working on The Last of Us Part III, then we may be getting the yet-to-be-named multiplayer game soon.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to playing The Last of Us Part I on their PCs on March 3.

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