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Mythic Dungeon International 2021 - World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Mythic Dungeon International 2021 is an upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands esports event scheduled to take place at the beginning of next year. This event is organized in order to showcase WoW: Shadowlands, Blizzard’s latest installment in the World of Warcraft series, released on October 27th 2020.

WoW Shadowlands

This is not the first MDI event organized by the company. Four more competitive years precede it and the former winners are Free Marsy (2017), Kjell’s Angels (2018), Method EU (2019), and Wunderbar (2020). A total of 8 teams from around the globe will qualify for the Shadowlands Season 1 Finals, which will be an online tournament.

China will receive its own program while the rest of the world will compete as a distinct global region over two seasons. Each of these seasons will consist of 4 cups followed by a Global Finals. For every cup, the competitors will receive points. In the end, the top 6 teams advance to the final stage, along with the top 2 Chinese teams. In total, as I mentioned before, the Global Finals will feature 8 participants and its prize pool will be $300,000. Of course, this does not include the money offered for each individual cup ($20,000).

The first MDI 2021 season starts on January 14th. If you want to register, you can do it on GameBattles.




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