Murder Mystery 2 codes – Free knives and pets galore (November 2022)

On the hunt for Roblox Murder Mystery 2 free codes? Look no further! We have all the latest and updated codes to get free Knives and pets.

Do you fancy becoming a sleuth in a good old fashioned murder mystery? In Roblox Murder Mystery 2, you can do just that! In this game of cat-and-mouse, you play either one of the Innocents, a Sherriff, or the Murderer.

We have all the latest and updated Murder Mystery 2 codes to get free Knives and pets! (Images: @Nikilis)

But before you go looking for clues to discover who the killer is, why not get some cool stuff for free? Check out our complete and up-to-date guide with the newest promo codes for Murder Mystery 2.

What is Roblox Murder Mystery 2?

Developed by @Nikilis for the Roblox platform, Murder Mystery 2 puts players in a game that homages classic whodunit settings like Clue or Knives Out. The goal of the game is to solve the mystery of who the Murderer is. It is the sequel to the first Murder Mystery also developed by @Nikilis, but with superior mechanics and a wider range of customizations.

Players can take on one of 3 roles: Innocents, the Sheriff, or the Murderer. Innocents are the typical victims. They have to run and hide from the Murderer, but also use their detective and investigating skills to find out which one is the culprit. The Sheriff is the only person who has a weapon that can kill the Murderer, so they have to work with the Innocents. Finally, the Murderer gets to do most of the fun stuff, trying to eliminate the rest of the cast while avoiding being discovered and get shot by the Sheriff.

Murder Mystery 2 takes place in different sized maps, such as the House and the Mansion.

Avatars can be customized with a wide variety of cosmetics, with the most prevalent being the Knives. After all, you may as well look awesome while hunting down your prey. Whether you prefer using a Survival Knife or an Ice Blade or a cosmic-looking Nebula, there is a menacing weapon just for you. You can also trade these knives with other Murdery Mystery 2 players.

Aside from the Knives, there are also cosmetics for the Sherrif's gun, clothes that Innocents wear, and pets that follow players around.

Murder Mystery 2 has been a popular Roblox game since its debut in 2014. It has had 8.2 Billion visits with over 14 million Favorites as of the most recent update.

What are the free codes for Murder Mystery 2 good for?

Nikilis, the developer of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 will occasionally release new promo codes for the game. This would often be during a new update or to celebrate a milestone of the game. These codes unlock exclusive and limited edition models for the Knives used by the Murderer in the game. Other rewards may also include additional cosmetics and pets.

Working Roblox Murder Mystery 2 codes (November 2022)

There are currently no active and working codes for Roblox Murder Mystery 2, as of the date last checked. Once any new codes are released, this section will be updated.

Expired Roblox Murder Mystery 2 codes (November 2022)

This lists all the previously working and currently expired or inactive codes for Roblox Murder Mystery 2, as of the date last checked. Any old codes that can no longer be redeemed will be added here in the future.

  • COMB4T2 - Redeem this code to get a Combat II Knife reward
  • PR1SM - Redeem this code to get a Prism Knife reward
  • AL3X - Redeem this code to get an Alex Knife reward
  • C0RL - Redeem this code to get a Corl Knife reward
  • D3NIS - Redeem this code to get a Denis Knife reward
  • SK3TCH - Redeem this code to get a Sketchy Knife reward
  • SUB0 - Redeem this code to get a Sub Knife reward
  • INF3CT3D - Redeem this code to get a Infected Knife reward
  • G003Y - Redeem this code to get a Goo Knife reward
  • R3PT1L3 - Redeem this code to get a Reptile Knife reward
  • SK00L - Redeem this code to get a Skool Knife reward
  • PATR1CK - Redeem this code to get a Patrick Knife reward
  • 2015 - Redeem this code to get a 2015 Knife reward
  • G1FT3D - Redeem this code to get a Gifted Knife reward
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L - Redeem this code to get a TNL Knife reward
  • N30N - Redeem this code to get a Neon Knife reward
  • HW2017 - Redeem this code to get a Pumpkin Pet reward

How to redeem Roblox Murder Mystery 2 free codes

Locate the Murder Mystery 2 Redeem tab by opening the Inventory.

In order to redeem one of the Murder Mystery 2 active codes, follow these steps:

  • Launch your Roblox Murder Mystery 2 game.
  • Navigate to the INVENTORY tab (found at the left side of the UI).
  • Type in or copy-paste an active Murder Mystery 2 code from the list on this page.
  • Click on REDEEM. Your rewards should be available in your INVENTORY. Enjoy!

Take note that each Murder Mystery 2 code will only be redeemable once per player account.

Where to find more Roblox Murder Mystery 2 codes?

@Nikilis encourages players of Murder Mystery 2 to like, follow, and subscribe on the developer’s official Roblox profile page. Updates, including Knives and Gun models would be posted there, as well as new free codes for the game.

Codes in Murder Mystery 2 codes can be redeemed for unique weapons (mostly knives) or pets.

There is also the official Twitter and Discord which you can join and follow. Moreover, we strongly suggest keeping your eye out on this page by bookmarking it (CTRL+D) so you can get the latest codes as they are added to the lists.

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