Multiversus' players are unhappy with new leveling nerf

The new update makes it twice as long to update a fighter in MultiVersus, much to the chagrin of players.

One way to keep players invested in the game is to keep them grinding. Most players love to chase levels and achievements.

Version 1.03 makes it longer for players to reach master rank.
Version 1.03 makes it longer for players to reach master rank.

Well, it seems that might have been what Player First Games was thinking after the studio increased the XP requirement to reach the master rank for each playable character in the cross-over fighting game. The new update effectively doubles the required XP to progress from level 3 through to level 15.

The change was implemented in version 1.03 and according to the patch notes, "we were finding that players could get to level 15 of the mastery track too quickly." The change has made some players unhappy as it will take them much longer to get all their characters to master rank and also level up to unlock abilities.

For a game that emphasizes customizing players with abilities, it seems counter-intuitive.

From a developer standpoint, it makes sense to have players grind longer to max out. The move increases player retention and also spending time with characters improves actual mastery of movesets and combos.

Most players are unhappy with the additional grind to get to master rank.
Most players are unhappy with the additional grind to get to master rank.

However, most players would prefer to level up as fast as possible so they can focus on playing the game with all the abilities unlocked. The game also has a 2v2 mode, and players would also like to bring their maxed-out characters to co-op battles. Players aired out their frustrations online. Some remarked that the needless grinding is hurting casual players. Others suggest reorganizing the leveling system so that players get their signature abilities early on.

The reaction to the update would be different if special abilities and perks were not locked behind the leveling system. If it was only cosmetic items that players could earn in the level progression, they would not react negatively as these do not have a significant impact on the game.

Curiously, the devs have not taken advantage of the leveling system after reaching level 15. Characters can level up beyond level 15 but there are no additional rewards. Some suggest that if the devs want players to grind, they should add 15 more levels after reaching master rank with new unlockable skins or cosmetic items.

Rick Sanchez

Rick joins his grandson Morty in MultiVersus.
Rick joins his grandson Morty in MultiVersus.

Rick Sanchez from the animated series Rick and Morty has been added to MultiVersus version 1.03. The new character is a mage / ranged fighter specializing in throwing rocket projectiles and using his whip to set up combos.

Rick joins his grandson Morty, who was added to the game last month. The next playable characters that will be coming to MultiVersus are the DC anti-hero Black Adam and Stripe from the Gremlins.

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