The latest set of Multiversus leaks showcase design documents

It's becoming a lot more difficult to deny that Multiversus exists and it's coming.

Is Multiversus real? Technically, no. Warner Bros. has not confirmed the game yet. However, if what we've seen these past few weeks is any indication, it feels like it's only a matter of time before the studio comes out and confirms that it is indeed working on a Smash-style platform fighting game.

Multiversus Leaks Design Documents
Johnny Bravo might or might not be part of Multiversus' roster.

Multiversus announcement, when?

Multiversus Leaks Design Documents
How Multiversus will make a game with Gandalf work is anyone's guess.

Several documents that have leaked online, on ResetEra, showcase some pretty telling gameplay details, as well as an outline for what the game is about.

To no one's surprise, Warner Bros. went ahead and had the images taken down, just like the previous leaks. Of course, because this is the internet we are talking about, users have since reuploaded the images online, although it might take a bit of searching to find them right now.

Ultimately, the design documents make it difficult to deny the existence of Multiversus. It contains an awful lot of detail for something that could just be a prank. It even includes information on the controls of the game and characters like Gandalf, Jake the Dog, Wonder Woman, and Rick, all in action. The leak also includes images of a few stages of the game including the treehouse from Adventure Time, among several others. In addition to this, the leaker also claims that Warner Bros. will add characters like Garnet from Steven Universe and Arya from Game of Thrones down the line.

Multiversus Leaks Design Documents
If Arya can take down the Night King, what kind of chance does anyone else have?

What is interesting here is that the different leakers appear to have different information. This has led many to speculate that playtesters received different builds with different characters. Either that or all of these rumors are baseless and make-believe.

As previously reported, Multiversus is a platform fighter inspired by Smash Bros. Similar to Nintendo's seminal fighting game, Multiversus will reportedly have paid DLC post-launch that will add fighters like NBA superstar Lebron James to the game. Unfortunately, all the information that we have about Multiversus right now is based on leaks. However, when Warner Bros. goes as far as to take down media containing info about Multiversus, we should hear more about the game soon.

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