MultiVersus Character Artist hints at Walter White joining the ever-growing roster

What started as a meme could become a reality in 2023.

MultiVersus has taken over the 2D-platformer fighting video game genre by storm. The game features everyone's favorite character and is actually fun to engage in combat, thanks to its satisfying and smooth combat flow.

Walter White Rumor Multiversus Featured

The game already boasts an impressive roster of characters from many different movies and shows within the Warner Bros. universe, including the most notable ones such as The Rock's Black Adam, Rick and Morty, Gizmo from Gremlins, and even Lebron James as seen in Space Jams: A New Legacy.

The developers at Player First Game are not shying away from adding more characters, and it won't be a stretch to say that there might be a possibility for Breaking Bad's Walter White to join the ranks.

roaster multiversis game
The roster is just for the current season, and players can expect a lot more characters to be added in the following seasons.

Walter White is a popular fictional character from the hit TV series Breaking Bad. The criminal mastermind and the elite chemist, played by the talented Bryan Cranston, will attract the OG breaking bad fans and the new fans.

The senior character artist, Dan Eder, at Player First Game recently took to Twitter to hint at the possibility of Walter White being added to the game. A popular meme page advocating for the addition of Walter White to MultiVersus has been around for quite some time.

The official Twitter account of Player First Games posted on their Twitter wishing everyone a Happy New Year with "big surprises" to look forward to in the coming year. The Walter White for MultiVersus meme page responded to the post by asking for Walter White to be added to the game.

Surprisingly, Dan Eder, the senior character artist, responded to the meme account, telling them to "expect good things." This has sparked the hope that Walter White may indeed be coming to MultiVersus later this year. Now while Dan may not have explicitly said anything about the addition of Walter White, it leaves no room for guessing as the reply is direct to the Walter White meme page.

Unfortunately, even if he is planned to be added, the fans might not be able to see him until at least Season 2, as we've already had numerous rumors of several other popular characters joining the MultiVersus.

The Joker's voice lines in the MultiVerses leaked not long ago. Some other characters in the recent leaks include the addition of Raven, Scooby, Poison Ivy, Ted Lasso, and even Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

While it is unclear when (if the developers decided to) they will add Walter White, it is apparent that the highly notorious chemist is on Player First Games' radar.

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