Multiple Job Listings Tease Crystal Dynamics' New AAA Game

Crystal Dynamics might have their hands full trying to provide support for Marvel's Avengers as of the moment. However, it seems that they're still trying to make moves for the future. In particular, they're already preparing for their next AAA title, as evidenced by a series of recently posted job listings.

The timing is perfect if Crystal Dynamics' new AAA game is the fourth Tomb Raider title in the rebooted trilogy.

The most notable among these new job listings is the one for a "Gameplay Camera Designer".

The said listing specifically details that Crystal Dynamics is currently on the lookout for someone who will design, implement, and fine-tune the "game design cameras and related gameplay in levels and cinematics to ensure a player's smooth and seamless journey through a rich and epic narrative experience".

The posting is reportedly for a new AAA title being build in their Redwood City studio, just south of San Francisco.

Is Crystal Dynamics' New AAA Game Tomb Raider?

Crystal Dynamics has treated gamers to some of the best action-adventure titles to release in recent memory.

Their work on the past few Tomb Raider games, specifically, the reboot trilogy, has been nothing short of amazing. However, as we've already mentioned, Crystal Dynamics is still busy working on Marvel's Avengers. Although the game isn't in a good state, it's clear that they want to at least try and turn things around, just as many other games have done in the past.

With that said, there's no telling what Crystal Dynamics' new AAA game will be.

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In addition to looking for a "Gameplay Camera Designer", there are other job listings for their Redwood City studio. This includes listings for a "Lead Environment Artist" and a "Senior Environment Artist", as well as at least 11 others. However, unlike the listing for the "Gameplay Camera Designer", the others did not specifically state that it was for a new AAA game.

It's been nearly three years since Crystal Dynamics released Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018.

But, in the likelihood that it is indeed for the next mainline Tomb Raider title, the timing makes a lot of sense.

After all, it is the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. There's no better time to announce that a new title is coming. This is especially since a trilogy compilation is nowhere near enough to satisfy fans who can't wait to get their hands on a next-gen Tomb Raider title.

Plus, outside of what we've already said, Square Enix is set to hold the first-ever episode of their new showcase, "Square Enix Presents," on March 18.

Sure, Square Enix did not specifically tell that they are going to announce a new Tomb Raider title on that date. But, it's not unlike them to surprise fans. Not to mention, they did say that the event will include the "ongoing celebration for the 25th anniversary of TOMB RAIDER".

Whatever that means, we don't know. The only thing that we're sure of is that Crystal Dynamics' new AAA game is currently in development.

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