Disney+ reveals Ms. Marvel release date along with its first trailer

Fans aren't quite sure what to make of Ms. Marvel's new powers in her upcoming MCU show.

The first season of Ms. Marvel will premiere on June 8.
The first season of Ms. Marvel will premiere on June 8.

Ms. Marvel is one of the handful of TV shows in development that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After being officially revealed at D23 Expo 2019, Ms. Marvel finally has a release date, a trailer, and legions of fans who are having mixed thoughts about Disney's decision to change Kamala Khan's powers.

In the comic books (and Crystal Dynamics' Marvel's Avengers video game), Khamala Khan is a teenage fan of the Avengers, specifically, Captain Marvel. The Muslim Pakistani-American daughter of an immigrant then finds her life is changed forever when she discovers that she's gained polymorphic powers after exposure to Terrigen Mist. However, Marvel Studios is making a significant change with how Ms. Marvel's powers work in the TV show.

Ms. Marvel's first official trailer starts no different from your stereotypical show about a teenager who dreams about becoming a superhero and having a crush on a boy. Of course, because this is the MCU, things take a turn as Kamahala discovers that she's not your ordinary teenager. But, unlike her comic book and video game counterparts, Khamala can't change her size or stretch her limbs. Instead, her power appears to be the ability to create and harness energy, forming anything from shields to a giant fist, which is a nod to her "original" powerset.

Kamala's powers and their origins will also go through some changes for the MCU. Instead of Terrigen Mist, Kamala will get her powers from a pair of magical bracers. In addition to giving us a glimpse of Kamala's ability to throw and walk on cosmic material that she creates, as well as shapeshift and super strength, the trailer also confirms that Kamala will remain a practicing Muslim. Unfortunately, the trailer is vague on who Kamala is fighting with and why.

Marvel Studios hasn't explained why it changed Kamala's powers in her live-action debut and if it is permanent.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait for too long to find out more about Ms. Marvel. As Disney revealed in the trailer, Ms. Marvel's initial six-episode opening season will hit Disney+ on June 8. The show will bridge the gap between Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 6) and Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8). For now, fans can check out Daredevil, and others, on Disney+ as well as Moon Knight on March 30.

Ms. Marvel will effectively act as a prequel to The Marvels, which will premiere in 2023.
Ms. Marvel will effectively act as a prequel to The Marvels, which will premiere in 2023.

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