MrBeast Donates $50K to Young Twitch Streamer

Jimmy Donaldson, otherwise better known as MrBeast, is one of the most generous streamers around.

In exchange, all the 19-year-old had to do was to complete a Minecraft Speedrun in under an hour.

Often, you'll see him upload if not live stream videos of him giving away money to seemingly random people, sometimes fellow streamers. However, there is often a catch to all this. Sometimes, he'll ask his friends and family to do some of the craziest stuff in exchange for sending money to charity. Other times, he'll ask a random streamer to complete a challenge while offering a huge sum of cash as prize money.

The latter was exactly what happened in a recent stream involving MrBeast and a 19-year-old streamer from Germany named Benni.

MrBeast Pulls Through With His Promise

MrBeast recently set-up a challenge for Benni, otherwise known as realbenex, on his secondary gaming channel, which has a 15 million-strong follower count.

MrBeast's challenge for Benni was rather simple. All Benni had to do was to complete a Minecraft speedrun in less than an hour. However, this would be complicated by a couple of things. Like, for example, Benni could not reset. This meant that he had to work with the seed at hand, regardless of whether it was good or bad.

In addition to this, MrBeast and the rest of his mates, as well as another popular streamer in Karl Jacobs, would all try to distract Benni by sending him funny messages via donations to prevent him from completing the challenge in time.

Fortunately for Benni, all these efforts were for naught. He was able to keep his composure all throughout. As a result, he ended up winning MrBeast's challenge and the $50,000 prize money along with it.

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Unfortunately, MrBeast wasn't able to donate the entire amount live on stream. Instead, he had to resort to other ways to do it. But, he did assure viewers that he will give the money to Benni.

As for exactly what Benni wants to do with the money is not yet clear as of the moment. However, both MrBeast and Benni have summarized the entire thing on their respective YouTube channels for those who weren't able to watch it live.

Hopefully, by setting an example, MrBeast will inspire other creators to support other small-time creators by spreading some of their financial blessings.

Ray Ampoloquio
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