MoviePass announces nationwide revival and pricing plans

The once-beloved but controversial movie-ticket subscription platform is planning to complete its rise from the ashes this summer.

MoviePass recently announced its plans on Twitter, promoting a new business model that focuses on sustainability, and plans to expand its beta testing from the initial 10 to all USA states by the summer of 2023.

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Depending on coverage and you schedule, MoviePass can be a good bargain

New CEO Stacy Spikes made it his mission to revive the once-beloved subscription platform and as of Tuesday, January 24, 2023, anyone who signed up for the waitlist last summer can now use the service. The newly unveiled pricing method that includes four MoviePass plans that will be available to customers, with each plan offering a set number of credits that can be used for purchasing movie tickets intended for standard 2D displays.

The Basic plan will cost $10 per month and provide users with 34 credits they can use to purchase movie tickets. These movie tickets will cost a different number of credits depending on the user’s location, and what time of the day or week the movie is being shown. This means that if you are visiting a cinema before 4 pm during the working week, a single ticket will cost you 10 credits. Meanwhile, if you are trying to see the same movie on a weekend night, the credit cost is doubled to 20 credits. Depending on these factors, with the Basic plan subscription you are looking at 1-3 cinema showings a month.

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Movie credit pricing also depends on which title you are trying to watch

In the same light, the Standard plan will cost $20 for a total of 72 credits each month which will net you 3-7 projections per month. The Premium plan, starting at $30, expands the offer with 113 credits that can be used to purchase 5-11 tickets in cinemas across the country. The Pro plan will be available in limited stock and only in select markets, costing $40 a month while offering an astonishing 640 credits that amount to 30 movies per month. That’s a movie a day for a little more than a dollar a day, a true bargain for cinema fanatics.

Southern California and the New York metropolitan area are the two regions where the prices for these plans will be higher. While the plans will offer more credits, movies will also cost even more credits, so it somewhat balances out. On top of this, you don't need to worry about losing your unused credits, since a maximum of two months' worth can roll over.

The cinema landscape has changed quite a bit since 2018, the last time MoviePass was a thing. The explosion of streaming services and their production has hampered the theater and cinema ecosystem. With hits like HBO’s Last of US being renewed for a second season, it's not certain how many people might be willing and able to go to the cinema before 4 PM, in order to get the cheapest MoviePass tickets. Maybe only if they still haven't seen the Avatar sequel, which continues to break records.

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