Motorsport Games reveal NASCAR 21 with new engine and physics

NASCAR 21 is a game that's currently being developed by Motorsport Games and will serve as a soft reboot of the NASCAR racing sim games series.

Get ready to rev up your engines, because a new NASCAR game is coming to consoles and PC this 2021.

Motorsport Games Reveal Nascar
The release of NASCAR 21 should help ease the sting of not getting Gran Turismo 7 this 2021.

Motorsport Games just confirmed that it is working on an all-new AAA racing sim game, NASCAR 21, which will serve as a soft reboot of the NASCAR racing sim series after 2020's NASCAR Heat 5.

A new NASCAR Game is releasing this 2021

Motorsport Games Reveal Nascar
NASCAR 21 will act as a soft reboot for Motorsport Games' NASCAR racing sims.

Motorsport Games are the developers behind the widely popular NASCAR Heat series of games. However, it seems like the studio doesn't want to go for a sixth title. At least, not for now.

NASCAR 21 will be a new game for the NASCAR racing simulation game studio and will take advantage of available next-gen technology. It also marks the first time that Motorsport will use Unreal Engine. Previously, the developers used the Unity engine to make the NASCAR Heat series of games.

In addition to this, NASCAR 21 will use the rFactor 2 physics engine from Studio 397, following Motorsport Games' acquisition last March 2021.

According to an interview that IGN had with George Holmquist, the Vice President of Publishing & Marketing in Motorsport Games, NASCAR 21 will be "more of a AAA style of game" compared to its predecessor because of the technologies that it will use. He then proudly showed off the screenshots for NASCAR 21 as proof that the game's graphics have improved significantly.

Motorsport Games Reveal Nascar
In terms of graphics, NASCAR 21 has a fair shot at upsetting Forza Horizon 5.

In addition to better physics and visual fidelity, NASCAR 21 will let users customize their vehicles more than ever. Holmquist added that this is a feature fans wanted in the game for a long time. Although the NASCAR Heat series let players create customized cars, NASCAR 21 will go as far as to add a paint both in-game.

The painting booth feature is currently in its testing phase and was added as a result of feedback from the community.

NASCAR 21 joins F1 2021 as two racing sims that will run in parallel to real-life racing championships. However, unlike F1 2021, the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series resorted to using video games to continue the event. This resulted in the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, which was largely a commercial success. In an ironic twist, NASCAR 21 will look to provide racing fans a close approximation of the real thing after it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NASCAR 21 is confirmed to launch sometime later this year. Until then, fans can keep themselves busy by playing some of the best racing games that are available today.

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