The Most Useful Skyrim Console Cheat Commands

Skyrim will probably have another edition in the ninth generation of video game consoles before the next Elder Scrolls title gets released! Nevertheless, there is a reason why Skyrim is popular and undying. The game is extremely entertaining.

Speaking of undying, sometimes, you just want to have all the power and money to entertain your self. Here is the a list of all Skyrim console cheats and commands for PC players.

How To Open The Developer Console

Skyrim employs the same method as the majority of PC games as regards to console commands. Pressing the tilde key (~) gets you access to the developer console. You can then enter multiple commands and all of them shall have their effects. To close the developer console, just press tilde again.

Major Skyrim Console Commands

Below are the console commands that are most important for most players regardless of what you want to do.

Console Command Effects
tgm Turns on God Mode: invincibility, infinite stamina, & infinite magicka.
tim Turns on Immortal Mode: invincibility, infinite stamina, & infinite magicka but you will still receive damage but still not die.
tcl Turns on no-clipping
TDetect Toggles AI Detection.*
TAI Turns off non-combat AI for NPCs
TCAI Turns off combat AI for NPCs
ModAV carryweight [number] Set the carry weight to the number you set
AddShout [Shout ID] Add the specified shout to the player’s skills.
Player.AddItem [item ID] [number] Adds the item specified to the player’s inventory at the set amount.
Player.SetLevel [number] Sets the player level. This is useful for removing greyed-out icons. Although greyed out, these skills are usable if learned by the console command.
Player.AddPerk [perk ID] Adds perks based on the perk codes.
AdvSkill [[[[[Skill|skill]]|skill]]] [number] Provides the specified number of Skill-based XP. There is a separate table for the XP required.
[Item/NPC ID] [number]
Places the NPC next to the player.
showracemenu Accesses the character creator even in-game. Unfortunately, this will also reset your progress. You can use the cheats provided in this guide to correct that.
player.resethealth Refills health.

* Does not work in pickpocketing.

An archer in Skyrim completing a quest

How to Level Up Using the Console Commands

The console commands can also increase your abilities in all of the skill trees. You can add individual perks to each skill tree or add experience for each skill tree. To obtain a certain amount of experience for a skill category just use the AdvSkill command as mentioned above.

Below are the required experience points in order to increase a skill.

Skill Tree / ID XP Points Required
Alchemy / alchemy 506
Alteration / alteration 132
Archery / marksman 43
Block / block 86
Conjuration / conjuration 188
Destruction / destruction 192
Heavy Armor /heavyarmor 104
Illusion / illusion 86
Light Armor / lightarmor 173
Lockpicking / lockpicking 7
One-handed / onehanded 110
Pickpocket / pickpocket 37
Restoration / restoration 197
Sneak / sneak 20
Speech /speechcraft 1914
Two-handed / twohanded 179

How To Affect Quests Using The Console Demands

Below are the commands affecting your quests. Be careful, some of these cheats cause the game to crash.

Console Command Effects
caqs Completes the main quest stages.
saq Starts all of the quests.
sqo Displays all the objectives of the current quest.
sqt Shows all the targets for the current quest.
Completequest [questID] Completes the quest.
Resetquest [questID] Resets quest. Useful in resetting quests that crashed for some reason.
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