The Top 3 Most Powerful Yu-Gi-Oh Decks

The Top 3 Most Powerful Yu-gi-oh Decks

Yu-Gi-Oh is more accessible now than ever due to online repositories of card decks. A powerful deck is, to some degree, subjective since it is bound to a player’s playstyle.

The decks featured below are a few of the strongest decks in Yu-Gi-Oh. These decks are devastating to opponents, even in the hands of a newbie!

The Dark Magician Deck

The Dark Magician deck is featured in the original anime with Yugi Muto using it. Honestly, the cards in this deck are a little bit outdated compared to the modern cards that are out today. However, it is the synergy of the cards that makes the Dark Magician deck competitive even after all these years.

In building the Dark Magician Deck you must chain your moves until you unleash the Dark Magic Attack spell. The Dark Magic Attack spell destroys all of your enemy’s spells and traps.

For defense, you must include in your deck the Magician’s Defense trap card. This card halves any damage you take as long as you are in control of a spellcaster monster. A good candidate for a spellcaster monster in this deck is the Dragonpit Magician. The Magician’s Robe card is also great for defensive purposes, because of its 2000 DEF.

The PePe Deck

The Top 3 Most Powerful Yu-gi-oh Decks
Three Performapal Sorcerer cards for maximum power

The Performapal Performage, also known as "PePe", is a deck full of Pendulum monsters. A good feature set of PePe is the Damage Jugglers searching ability to wager plusses in a turn. The bet may give you +4 or +5 with a set board. Performapal Trick Clown is also a great spell because of its Xyz fodder.

The main star in this deck, though, is the Plushfires floating ability with the Pendulum Sorcerer.

Other cards featured in this deck are the Performapal Monkeyboard, Perfomapal Skullcrobat Joker, Cyber Dragon Infinity, and the starter card Tellarknight Ptolemaeus.

The Top 3 Most Powerful Yu-gi-oh Decks
A limited-edition Ancient Gear Golem in a protective casing

Ancient Gears Deck

This Dr. Velian Crowler’s deck is one of the strongest decks ever. It revolves around the Ancient Gear Golem which has a whopping 3000 ATK. The Ancient Gear Golem also has piercing battle damage. That is not the end of the Ancient Gear Golem's arsenal though, as an added effect, it prevents the enemy from activating spells and traps when receiving these attacks.

In this deck, you would have the Ancient Gear Frame. The Ancient Gear Frame machine card has the effect of Special Summon that can copy the Ancient Gear Golem up to three times. Having the Ancient Gear Golem in your hand, you can then put in the field the Cross-Dimensional Duel trap card. The Cross-Dimensional Duel trap card will allow you to have a 6,000 piercing attack.

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