Mortal Kombat 11 Towers Of Time Secret Meteor Event Guide

Video games and secret features are inseparable, with hidden goodies giving fans even more reason to sink hours and hours into their favorite titles. Sometimes it takes years or even decades for some secrets to be discovered. Usually, this is because they're that well hidden. This wasn't the case with Mortal Kombat 11's Meteor secret.

What is the Meteor?

The Meteor secret took more than a year to solve because the solution was added in an update a year after the Meteor first appeared, which is cheating in our book.

Technically it only took a few hours to solve, but we digress... When playing the Towers of Time mode, occasionally a strange fireball would whiz past in the background of the tower selection screen. Players were perplexed and convinced it meant something.

Known Mortal Kombat modder and data miner TheThiny even found some snippets of code in the game files, suggesting something was going on and waiting to be uncovered, but there wasn't enough to formulate a solution. Many theorized it may be a remnant of cut content.

However, Ed Boon Tweeted a video showing off what the Meteor is actually for right before a game update in November 2020 proving that it does, indeed, have a purpose, and TheThiny soon cracked the case.

When does the Meteor Spawn?

To successfully unlock the bonus Random Tower, which has a random Kombat League character skin as a reward for successfully completing it, you need to input a specific key combination when the meteor is passing through the screen. To test out combinations efficiently, TheThiny created a mod to constantly spawn the Meteor - however, under normal circumstances there is an exact schedule to remember.

The Meteor will spawn ten minutes after every second hour, starting with the first spawn 10 minutes after midnight GMT. The next would be 02:10 AM GMT, then 04:10 AM GMT and so forth.

How to Unlock the Bonus Tower?

As mentioned before, you need to input a specific combo when the Meteor passes to unlock the tower. The combo is actually a reference to the first Mortal Kombat game:

Left, Up, Left, Right, Left, Up, Up

You should see this if you were successful.

Once you have input the code, the tower itself will become available. Keep in mind before you start: the Bonus Tower is locked in at the highest difficulty and costs 250,000 Koins, 500 Hearts and 2500 Souls to even start. You have one hour to complete it, and quitting means the tower is gone - there is no way to interrupt a run and pick it back up again.

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