More The Division announcements set for Ubisoft Forward

The Division 2 may also be getting new content updates at the showcase event.

The Division is expanding with the addition of The Division Heartland and Resurgence in the coming months. Fans will be getting updates on the progress of both games at the Ubisoft Forward event.

The Division Dark Zone
The Division 2 will also be getting updates on the Ubisoft Forward event.

While most will be looking for updates on Heartland which was leaked as coming soon. It looks like we will also be getting Division 2 updates at the showcase.

A recent tweet by the official Division 2 Twitter account adds the game to the list of titles we look forward to in Ubisoft Forward. Fans of the AAA title are hoping to hear news on the upcoming Season 10 and beyond.

Longtime Division 2 content creators have speculated about the upcoming announcements over on Youtube.

The Division 2

Division Roadmap
An update to the roadmap of the game should be one of the things that will be discussed during the event.

The Division 2 was released on March 15, 2019, and is currently in Year 4. There is one major expansion in Warlords of New York and several pieces of free DLC.

The third-person shooter is currently in Season 9 of the game which will be ending soon. The Public Test Server for Season 10 is already in Phase 2.

Based on the roadmap, fans are expecting a teaser on the new things coming not for Season 10, but for Season 11. A lot of the Season 10 content is already known through the PTS.

The roadmap promises a new game mode for Season 11 which is expected around the holiday season. We hope that there will be an update during the Ubisoft Forward event on the new game mode.

Other things that fans expect to hear will be the plans for 2023 as the game enters Year 5. An update to the roadmap should give long-time players things to be excited about.

It may just be wishful thinking that a teaser for The Division 3 would be included in the updates.

Expanding the franchise

The Division
Fans are expecting information on the new game mode coming to The Division 2.

Heartland and Resurgence will expand The Division in a unique way. Unlike previous entries, both titles aren't AAA outings. Instead, Heartland is a free-to-play PvEvP battle royale that's similar to the Dark Zone that made the original The Division games so popular. Meanwhile, Resurgence is a mobile shooter that will see players take the role of the First Wave Division agents. This should give audiences a unique perspective on the events that changed the landscapes of New York and Washington forever. The latter is coming out sometime in 2023 but the former does not have a release date.

Make sure to watch the next Ubisoft Forward event on the 10th.

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