Eagle-eyed fans spot more GTA 6 teases in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games continues to use Grand Theft Auto online to tease the next game in their best-selling franchise.

Grand Theft Auto fans are anything but inattentive. They've spent the past couple of years combing through every piece of evidence they can find that points to any info hidden in the game about GTA 6. The earlier GTA 6 leak sent observant fans into overdrive as it confirmed certain details about the in-development title. Now, players have spotted what looks like a tease for GTA 6 in a not-so-recent update.

More Gta Teases Grand Theft Auto Online
GTA 6 might not be revealed anytime soon but Rockstar Games could be adding more teases to GTA Online.

A Twitter post specifically highlighted the addition of the Metro Mule logo and a decal for the Vice City Mambas football team.

Rockstar Games added the Metro Mule logo back in 2018 as part of the GTA Online Arena War update. Meanwhile, the Vice City Mambas football team decal came later as part of the LS Tuners update. The most interesting part is neither of these existed when GTA Vice City came out. So, this rules out any chances Rockstar was just referencing the past games.

Of course, now that we know for sure that GTA 6 will be set in an expanded version of Vice City, a fictional locale inspired by the city of Miami, everything makes sense in hindsight.

Mind you, Rockstar has been using every recent GTA release to tease GTA 6. For example, a house photo mystery in the remastered GTA Trilogy hinted at a Vice City setting last year.

In addition to this, one of our exclusive leaks back in June doubled down on the same setting with a later exclusive coverage suggesting that GTA 6 will use an upgraded version of RAGE, Rockstar's in-house video game engine.


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For what it's worth, Take-Two and Rockstar are confident that development on GTA 6 will go as planned despite the leak. But, while the GTA 6 leaker is already behind bars, this hasn't stopped the more brazen fans from trying to map out what the setting of GTA 6 could look like based on the leaked footage.

Hopefully, Microsoft's projections about GTA 6 coming out in two years are true, if only so we'd see gameplay footage sometime next year.

More Gta Teases Grand Theft Auto Online
GTA Online continues to receive enormous amounts of support from Rockstar despite being nearly a decade old.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto Online, fans are looking forward to the Los Santos Drug Wars update and succeeding content drops. We're pretty sure Rockstar will find a way to squeeze in a GTA 6 tease or two as well.

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