It looks like we'll finally get more God of War: Ragnarok news on the 30th

A prominent leaker is heavily suggesting that we'll get the release date for God of War: Ragnarok next week.

Are we getting a State of Play next week or not? With Sony holding an event on the 28th, most assumed that the rumors of another event before July weren't true. But, according to a prominent leaker, this isn't the case.

Santa Monica Studio set such a high bar with the first God of War that we're somewhat fearful that the sequel will falter under the weight of expectations.

As hinted at by The Snitch on Twitter using a gif of Kratos with the number "11110", which translates into a decimal value of 30, many are taking this as a sign that something is brewing for the 30th. This would line up with the "fake" rumors of an incoming showcase.

If nothing else, June 30 is a Thursday, which is usually when Sony announces something. If it doesn't hold a State of Play broadcast by then, we should hear more from Sony even if it's just for next month's PS Plus lineup.

This wouldn't mark the first time that Sony has bookended a single month with State of Play showcases. So, after revealing Resident Evil 4 Remake and Marvel's Spider-Man PC earlier this month, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony will dedicate an entire event just for God of War: Ragnarok. After all, it is the sequel to the PS4's best-selling game. If Hogwarts Legacy can get a solo 20-minute show, we're sure Kratos deserves the same treatment. But, rumors are saying that we'll see more than just Kratos on Thursday.

At the end of the day, the unannounced online-only presentation is only just a week away. We won't have to speculate for too long to confirm if the reports are true or not.

As The Snitch has never failed to leak credible information, he's most likely onto something.

Until then, you might want to keep an eye out for the latest word from the grapevine. With Valkyrie Elysium also popping up on Brazil's equivalent of the ESRB, we're sure other games will make their way to regulatory boards as well as we head deeper into the latter half of the season.

Ray Ampoloquio
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