Insiders tease more GameCube remasters coming to Switch

Metroid Prime, Twilight Princess and Pikmin are rumored to be getting HD remasters for the handheld console.

The Nintendo Switch gaming space has been very active lately.

Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime will be coming to Switch according to rumors.

Jeff Grubb recently predicted that two Zelda games will be announced at the next Nintendo Direct. Then we reported on a Biomutant game listing which indicated that the game is also coming to the handheld console.

Now, several insiders are teasing us with information that a whole bunch of games from GameCube will be remastered for the Switch.

The rumors started with a tweet from Youtuber and gaming insider Liam Robertson. He said that "we’re gonna do a lot of winning this month, Gamecube nation."

The tweet implied that there will be several games from the GameCube that will be remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

The Twitter @DirectFeedGames, owned by reliable insider Nate Drake, replied to the tweet inferring that F-Zero, a popular racing game, will be part of the games that will be ported to the handheld console.

Gamecube remasters

Pikmin 1&2 could be getting a remaster for the Switch.

The exchange between insiders continued to the Famiboards with Emily Rogers chiming in. Rogers was more straightforward with her information.

Rogers mentioned that "Nintendo is going crazy with remasters and remakes. Most of the remasters mentioned in this thread are either in development or under serious consideration at Nintendo. "

The games Metroid Prime, Pikmin 1 & 2, The Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker were mentioned in the thread.

Having multiple insiders sharing information about GameCube ports coming to the Nintendo Switch is adding more credence to the prediction that Nintendo Direct is happening soon. Insider Jeff Grubb has said that the event will likely happen on the week of September 12th.

Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were games that Grubb and fellow insider Mike Minotti discussed during the Last of the Nintendogs podcast. Metroid Prime was also mentioned during the stream.

More Gamecube Remasters Coming Switch
The Nintendo GameCube has a treasure trove of titles that are deserving remasters for the Nintendo Switch.

Grubb also predicted that third-party games could also be announced at Nintendo Direct. This coincided with the leaked game listing for Biomutant which is rumored to be released on Switch on October 25.

The Tokyo Game Show is also happening that same week. If a Nintendo Direct is going to happen, it will be before TGS kicks off on September 15th.

It looks to be a very eventful month for Switch owners with all the rumors and insider leaks we just had the past few days. Having a handful of new titles to add to the collection will certainly be welcomed by fans. All signs point to a Nintendo Direct coming soon with GameCube remasters being the highlight of the show.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the date of the next Nintendo Direct presentation or if any of the games will indeed be coming out soon. As with all insider information and rumors, treat them with a grain of salt.

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