Former director reveals more details about the rejected Days Gone sequel

A Days Gone sequel will probably never happen, but Jeff Ross isn't afraid to tell what it could have had.

2019's Days Gone was a polarizing exclusive for the PS4. The open-world zombie title was a first-party title from one of Sony's in-house studios, the Oregon-based Bend Studio. After teasing the game for several years, Bend released the game to mixed reviews. Critics weren't quite sure what to make out of Days Gone. But, fans knew full well that they wanted more, and it appears that the game's director, Jeff Ross, wanted the same.

The former Days Gone director details what the declined sequel would have included.

Having said that, a Days Gone sequel is highly unlikely at this point. But, if it had pushed through, Ross had big plans for the follow-up.

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Are we ever going to see a Days Gone sequel?

Days Gone's open-ended ending paved the way for a sequel that will probably never happen.

Ross revealed why Days Gone 2 was never greenlit a few days ago. Fans were quick to offer their theories behind Sony's reluctance to double down on Days Gone. Some believed that Bend took too long to release Days Gone. Before its release in 2019, the game had been in development for a full four years. But, regardless of the real reason behind Sony's decision to turn down a Days Gone sequel pitch, Ross' plans for the rejected sequel sound promising, to say the least.

In a USA Today interview, Ross, who left Bend Studio following Days Gone's release and the rejection of the sequel, revealed details about the game's potential sequel. According to Ross, Days Gone 2 could have given Bend a chance to create a "definitive" version of the cult-favorite title. He added that Bend would have focused on the relationship between Deacon Lee St. John and his wife, Sarah Whitaker. Although Ross didn't outright say it, his statement implied that the two would have difficulties now that they're together after spending several years apart.

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Ross recently accused Sony of making Bend Studio feel like Days Gone was a disappointment despite selling more than 10 million copies in 2 years.

Outside of the game's focus and story, Ross claims that Bend would have addressed the game's laughable stealth sequences and boss fights. Also, Ross explained that Bend would have made swimming available for Days Gone 2. Ross explained that technical limitations forced Bend to drop swimming from Days Gone albeit the developers just found a way to spin it into the narrative, to say that Deacon has a fear of swimming. But, in Days Gone 2, Deacon would have already overcome this fear. This would help Bend open up the game's explorable world.

In a nutshell, Ross' statement suggests that he is aware that Days Gone isn't a perfect title; he knows where Days Gone could have used some more polishing and improvements. More importantly, Ross was prepared to make Days Gone better if Sony decides to tap him once again to work on the sequel.

Unfortunately, it appears that Sony just isn't interested in revisiting Days Gone anytime soon. The closest thing that we'll probably ever get to a Days Gone sequel is if someone decides to create an expansion-sized mod for the game on the PC.

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