Expect to see more clickers in The Last of Us Season 2

For what it's worth, The Last of Us Part II, the source material for Season 2, was also a lot more violent than the first game.

Leave it up to hardcore fans to nitpick on the smallest details of an otherwise near-perfect adaptation like HBO's The Last of Us. Many are expressing their "disappointment" that the show doesn't feature as many infected as expected. Runners, clickers, as well as bloaters, in particular, were notably missing for a majority of the show, prompting one of the series showrunners, Craig Mazin, to assure fans of some exciting news.

If we're going to be honest, we would've loved to have seen more of the infected in Season 1 of The Last of Us.

For the more fungus-loving audiences out there, Mazin guarantees that The Last of Us Season 2 will feature a lot more of the infected, telling Variety:

Ultimately, we generally stressed the power of relationships and trying to find significance within moments of action.

And so there may be less action than some people wanted because we couldn’t necessarily find significance for quite a bit of it, or [there was] concern that it would be repetitive. After all, you’re not playing it, you’re watching it. And although a lot of people do like to watch gameplay, it needs to be a little more focused and purposeful when we’re putting it on TV.

You could probably count manually with no trouble how many times the infected appeared in The Last of Us Season 1.

HBO quickly renewed The Last of Us a few episodes in and it's proven to be a good move. The numbers of the show have steadily improved with each episode, which should culminate in a season-high rating for the finale.

Given that The Last of Us Part II is a more violent game compared to Part I, adding more of the infected in the show would make more sense. Mazin teased "different kinds" of the infected will be in future seasons but it isn't clear if the show will create original ones. Either way, fans will be happy to see more zombie-like creatures once Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey return to the small screen as Joel and Ellie, respectively.

For now, we'll just have to wait for further developments about when Season 2 of HBO's The Last of Us will start filming as well as when it will premiere.

Speaking of, Neil Druckmann expressed his confidence in Bella Ramsey, saying that she'll remain as Ellie until she says no. And, even then, he's not above forcing her to return for more seasons of The Last of Us.

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