Monster Hunter Rise Hits 5 Million Sales Since Debut

Monster Hunter Rise Hits 5 Million Sales Since Debut

Without a doubt, Monster Hunter Rise is a major hit for Capcom this 2021. Developed and released for the Nintento Switch, after recording a 4 million units shipped as of March 29, Monster Hunter Rise has reached another industry and sales milestone. As of April 7, the hit RPG has achieved 5 million units sold. In response to this major milestone, Capcom is releasing a thank you reward to the existing Monster Hunter Rise player base.

Monster Hunter Rise Details

The Monster Hunter franchise has been one of the most enduring and successful in Capcom’s stable. Overall, the franchise has sold close to 66 million units worldwide since its birth in 2004. Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth installment of the main title. As with the previous installments, players take the role of Hunters who make a living in capturing or destroying titanic sized monsters in their world.

Unlike most other Action RPGs which gives a more rudimentary approach to adventuring, the Monster Hunter franchise is heavily focused on the mechanics of defeating the monsters. This usually involves a lot of planning, using tools, traps, and the environment to weaken the monster in order to succeed. Hunters are rewarded by quest accomplishment treasures and, usually, body parts of the monster that can be used to create new equipment. These new equipment would then be necessary to unlock and hunt even more powerful monsters, and so the cycle of gaming continues.

Monster Hunter Rise continues the tradition with some new elements. The map in Rise is continuous, instead of the instanced dungeons in previous entries other than Monster Hunter World. It is also the first of the series that focuses on vertical scaling and travel. In a way, this is reminiscent of an older game for the Playstation 1 called Azure Dreams.

To help Hunters traverse the locations, they have the Palamute. Joining the Palico (the cat-like companion), this creature companion resembles a dog and it can be ridden, assisting the climbing and even in battle. In addition, the new Wirebug tool acts as a grapple and hunting tool. The Wirebug can be combined with other weapons and tools that the Hunter can employ. Hunters can even mount some monsters and use the Wirebug as makeshift reins to direct its movement. Called Wyvern Riding, this allows the Hunter to move the target monster to a more favorable location and defeat it.

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a mechanic called Wyvern Riding, using the Wirebug tool as reins!
Monster Hunter Rise introduces a mechanic called Wyvern Riding, using the Wirebug tool as reins!

Monster Hunter Rise also introduces siege mechanics where Hunters must direct NPCs to defend their location from monster attacks. This Rampage mode allows players to attack the monster while setting up weapons and defenses for the NPCs to use.

Launch and 5 million Sales Record Giveaway

Within the first week of Monster Hunter Rise’s release, the game has shipped 5 million units in sales. This brings up the total sales of the Monster Hunter franchise up to 71 million. The announcement was made at the Monster Hunter Official Twitter account:

The following statement was issued by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom President and COO:

Capcom remains firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences.

Because of the impressive sales benchmark, Capcom is rewarding players with a bunch of freebie resources. To commemorate the 5 million sales record, the freebies will be obtainable as a special giveaway Kamura Pack for all existing Monster Hunter Rise players. The Kamura Pack 1 will include:

  • 30 Mega Potions
  • 20 Well-done Steaks
  • 10 Large Bombs
  • 5 Mega Armorskins
  • 5 Mega Demondrugs

Players can acquire these freebies by speaking with Senri the Mailman to claim the pack. Note that it requires the most recent version of Monster Hunter Rise, so check if your version is up to date.

More Monster Hunting in 2021

In addition to Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has announced the schedule for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on July 9, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has confirmed that the two games will have some form of interactivity between them, although full details have not yet been revealed.

Monster Hunter Rise will have a Windows PC release sometime in 2022.
Monster Hunter Rise will have a Windows PC release sometime in 2022.

Furthermore, although Monster Hunter Rise is only currently available on the Nintendo Switch, a Windows PC version of the game is in development. Monster Hunter Rise for the Windows PC platform is tentatively scheduled for release on 2022.

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