Monkey Bomb Upgrade Easter Egg On Firebase Z

We have yet another side easter egg on Firebase Z, which is related to the classic Monkey Bomb. In this side easter egg, you will be able to increase your Monkey Bomb's damage, cause the zombies to dance, and instead of the standard cymbal, the Monkey Bomb will play a Hip-Hop beat. It will also glow brighter than usual. It is an upgrade to your Monkey Bombs. Once completed, the new Monkey Bombs that you buy or use will all be the upgraded variants.

Upgraded Monkey Bomb Featured

To perform this side easter egg, you first need to turn on the power and build the pack-a-punch (PaP) machine, which is done by activating all three aether reactors around the map. You can check out our complete guide on how to turn on the power and build the PaP machine here.

The Aether Reactors play a significant role in this easter egg. To upgrade your Monkey Bomb, you must first buy two Monkey Bombs. One Monkey Bomb costs 1,000 uncommon salvage.

After that, make your way to any one of the Aether Reactors and train a horde of zombies. Training means to run around and distract as many zombies as you can before no more are spawning.

Once you have the maximum number of zombies all trained up, throw the Monkey Bomb next to the Aether Reactor and wait for the zombies to come to it and explode. You need to kill 50 zombies using your Monkey Bomb to upgrade it.

If you are on Round 20+, you should not have a problem as you will only need to use two Monkey Bombs due to the size of the horde or the number of zombies spawning on those rounds. If you are below 20, you might have to buy at least three Monkey Bombs.

There is no way to track the number of zombies killed using the Monkey Bombs, but you can check your 'Elimination' stats before and after killing the zombies using the Monkey Bomb to confirm the number of zombies killed by the Monkey Bomb.

After killing 50 zombies with the Monkey Bomb successfully, the next bomb that you throw will glow brighter, and the zombies will dance around the bomb as opposed to standing still.

In addition to a brighter glow, the Monkey Bomb will also do more damage and play a Hip-Hop beat instead of the classic cymbal.

That is pretty much the new and upgraded monkey bomb that you will get every time you buy a new one or get one from a zombie. The original founder of this easter egg is GlitchingQueen.

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