Modern Warfare 2 will inevitably outsell Vanguard

The latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, is on pace to outsell its predecessor, Vanguard, in less than a month.

If the standard Call of Duty game sells like hotcakes, then we don't know what word we can use to call Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare Will Inevitably Outsell Vanguard
It looks like it's only a matter of time before Modern Warfare 2 becomes the best-selling game in Call of Duty history.

Activision Blizzard recently used box office numbers to refer to Modern Warfare 2 as the most financially successful entertainment product this year after launching in late October. But, the more that we find out how many units Modern Warfare 2 have sold, the more we're inclined to agree with them.

According to, Modern Warfare 2 is already the third best-selling game of the year, just right behind Elden Ring and FIFA 23.

More importantly, Modern Warfare 2 is on track to outsell Vanguard's lifetime sales in Europe in just a month if not less. Mind you, it's not like Vanguard didn't sell well as it still topped the sales charts in Europe and beyond. But, Modern Warfare 2 is just that good as it's surpassing all the expectations. We wouldn't be surprised if Modern Warfare 2 ends up outselling every other game in the franchise when it's all said and done.

In the same report, we found out that the PlayStation 5 continues to outsell its competition, including even the Nintendo Switch. It's surprising how the PS5 continues to sell well despite the increase in price and stock shortage.

Modern Warfare Will Inevitably Outsell Vanguard
Modern Warfare 2 is also getting better reviews compared to Vanguard.

Going back to Modern Warfare 2, the hype surrounding the latest Call of Duty game won't end anytime soon. Treyarch recently confirmed that ranked mode is headed to MW2 next year. Also, it's believed that next year's premium Call of Duty release is a paid expansion for the game. Finally, the first season of Modern Warfare 2 will launch on November 16 along with Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ mode.

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