Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 2024 images have leaked online

The images were datamined from the recent Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile alpha.

Activision Blizzard is pretty lax with its assets for a multi-billion dollar company. Case in point, dataminers just got a hold of sensitive information coming straight from Call of Duty: Warzone mobile.

Activision Blizzard might want to do a better job keeping in-game files during Alpha and Beta tests under lock and key.

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With the long-in-development mobile version going into Alpha in certain regions in May, players managed to uncover in-game files with images and references to at least two more upcoming Call of Duty games - yes, you read that right, two.

According to the images uploaded by leaker, @RealiityUK, Call of Duty 2024 will have maps named "Stealth and "Pillage". The former appears to be from a US military base that has a stealth fighter, hence the name. Meanwhile, the latter looks like an old European building. But, that's not all. Other images also include new maps for this year's incoming Call of Duty game, Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2. The name maps will reportedly be named Grand Prix, Oilfield, Museum, Farm 18, and codename: SABA. Finally, the leaked info also contains names of other Ground War maps like Sira, Fishtown, and Hydro, which are expected to be Warzone 2 maps as well.

According to rumors, Treyarch's next Call of Duty game will be a sequel to Black Ops Cold War.

RealiityUK explains that he can tell the difference between which game a map is for based on the filename. The leaker claims that the Modern Warfare 2 maps have the prefix "IW9" at the start, which is supposed to mean Infinity Ward 9. Meanwhile, Call of Duty 2024 has the prefix "T10", or Treyarch 10. RealiityUK adds that they've also found a few files that might be for the long-rumored spin-off mode reportedly inspired by Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty DMZ.

Unfortunately, Activision has since taken the images down from the internet. If nothing else, this solidifies their legitimacy. Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 2024 images have leaked online #ModernWarfare2 #CallOfDuty2024 #leak ♬ original sound -

We are curious that Treyarch is working on the next Call of Duty game for 2024. Previously, we got word that Sledgehammer Games had already begun development on the next Call of Duty installment as Treyarch works on a standalone Zombies game.

Hopefully, we'll know more about Activision Blizzard's plans soon enough. Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile are all expected to launch later this year.

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