Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Warzone 2 Leaks: DMZ, New Map, Inventory System, & More

MW2 (2022) is expected to release soon, and the leakers are hard at work providing as much information as possible. Here's a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming Infinity Ward title.

Leakers and impending Call of Duty games have an ancient history. Following the same, we've now got several new leaks about the upcoming Infinity Ward title. Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Warzone 2 leaks indicating major changes have everyone excited.

A new video by a Call of Duty content creator, NerosCinema has been published on Youtube containing all the details about the upcoming game. The information he gives is all related to the new Warzone 2 experience. We've summarised everything for you below.

Warzone 2

Warzone 2 seems to have a lot of major changes that would change how you play this highly acclaimed BR title. The good thing about Nero's video is that it is further backed by Tom Henderson, another credible leaker.

New Map

Nero claims that according to his sources, the new map introduced in Warzone 2 will be very similar to that of Blackout from Black Ops IV in terms of its structure and overall layout. According to Tom Henderson, the map will be made up of a number of original maps from 2009's MW2. These original maps include timeless masterpieces such as Terminal, Highrise, Quarry, and Afgan. A full list of all Warzone 2 map POIs is as follows:

  • Oasis
  • Wartorn
  • Quarry (Quarry)
  • Oilfield
  • Modern City (Highrise)
  • Caves (Afgan)
  • Dam
  • Marshes
  • Harbor
  • Sira
  • Observatory
  • Mountain town (possibly Favela)
  • Graveyard
  • Oldtown
  • Shipwreck
  • Fishtown
  • Fort
  • Airport (Terminal)

It is not a stretch to say this can be the case, given how Tom's sources confirm that the maps above are returning as multiplayer maps in MW2 (2022).

New Loadout System

There's allegedly a new loadout obtaining system. You won't have to buy the loadout as you did in Warzone. Instead, you will need to complete objectives called "Strongholds" to obtain the loadout. Nero stated objectives can include a multitude of missions such as defusing a bomb, clearing a wave of AI bots, or infiltrating a building.

This can change the pacing of the whole game as there are only a limited number of Strongholds in each match. Once the player captures a Stronghold by completing the given objective, no other players can access it.

Ground Loot

There are no major changes in the ground loot, and will continue to provide weapons with 5 attachments as opposed to 8.

Pro Perks

Pro perks are making a triumphant return. Not only will they be returning for MW2 (2022) 's multiplayer, but they will also be incorporated in Warzone 2 in some capacity. It would be interesting to see how the pro perks will work in a battle royale setting. This was also confirmed by TheGhostOfHope on Twitter. TheGhostOfHope is a prominent leaker, and has proven himself to be correct multiple times.

If you're new to pro perks, the pro perk is given a name to perks with an additional benefit on top of its base benefit.

Inventory System

We're getting an inventory system instead of a fixed slot system we currently have. The inventory system is said to be similar to PUBG's inventory system where you only have a limited amount of space for you to hold your items. It is not clear whether the killstreaks and other items have their own fixed slot or will they all be considered items for the new inventory system. The majority of the BR games have a space allotted inventory system.

Speaking of inventory, we're also getting an armor satchel system similar to Blackout. In the current Warzone, you already have an armor plate when you spawn in. However, in Warzone 2, you will have to find an armor satchel to be able to equip armor in the first place.

No Slide Cancel

While this is still not confirmed, leakers have claimed that the playtesters experienced no slide canceling mechanic in their game. Keep in mind that this was during the playtesting session, it may very well be added in the final game.

However, it is a possibility that they've removed it for good as it was an unintentional bug that turned into a combat mechanic. It was not even intended to be in the game originally.

Firing Range

One of the highly demanded features will now be available for the players to test out their weapons. Nero claims that the new MW2 (2022) will feature a firing range where players can test out their weapon loadouts. The players will be able to shoot the target and see the damage values. This will help them form their own opinion of the weapons and come up with their own weapon builds without relying on online guides and Youtube videos.


DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone and will be the third game mode, alongside single-player and multiplayer, that will be introduced in MW2 (2022). Inspired by Escape from Tarkov, DMZ is supposedly going to have the same map as Warzone 2 but a different gameplay style.

Tom Henderson first reported about DMZ back in December of last year.

According to Tom, the game would have been in development for more than 4 years by the time it releases. This was also reported back in December of 2021 in response to a tweet by TheGhostOfHope.

TheGhostOfHope has stated that the DMZ mode will feature a marketplace for players to buy and trade items. In addition, whatever blueprints and skins players earn in DMZ, will be usable in both multiplayer and Warzone 2.

It would be interesting to see how the new changes to Warzone will affect the flow of the game. You can expect a cinematic announcement trailer of MW2 (2022) during the Summer Game Fest on June 8, 2022. We might see the gameplay footage shortly after the announcement trailer.

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